Facets of Glass

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  1. McEuphie

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    Hi Folks

    My band is considering taking the Pontins challenge this year.

    4th section test piece is "Facets of Glass" by Gordon Langford - don't know anything about this piece (other than it was written as 2nd Section for Pilkingtons Contest) so would be grateful for any information.

    Would also like to know if there are any recordings out there. Have checked the usual sources and the great Harrowgate Oracle which came up with a recording by Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkirk but link to website didn't work.

    Any more information welcomed.


    Barnton Silver Band
  2. robbie

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    Hope Barnton do go to Pontins, they sounded good in Blackpool! They should do well!:clap:
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  3. Crazysop

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    I Love facets of glass, we did a little winning on it back in our 4th section days. Dont think i have a recording though.
  4. Colin K

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    I wouldn't bother trying to get the recording by Brass Band De Bazuin Oenkirk, because the tempo on the recording is not as indicated on the score and there is a movement missing.
  5. McEuphie

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    Thanks Robbie!

    Do you play cornet by any chance? Looking for a band in Cheshire??

    Thanks Crazy Sop / Colin K

    So how about musicality of the piece - nice tunes? Technical - modern style??


  6. chicken boy

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    Facets of......

    I have a recording of Lympstone band's winning perormance in the SWBBA contest 3rd section several years ago. Its a great piece and one of MR Langford's favourites. He helped us with it at the time. Don't think it is too taxing and is really well written as you would expect. You will need a good baritone!
  7. McEuphie

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    Thanks chickenboy

    Two questions:

    1. Is your recording available in the public domain?

    2. Is being able to play the 1st Bari part of Life Divine a good enough standard!

    If so then no probs.


  8. robbie

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    Yea I play cornet!... I helped Barnton out the area before last so you kind of know me!
  9. McEuphie

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    Hi Robbie

    Thought so but couldn't realy tell from under the baseball cap!

    Who are you playing with now?

    Do you fancy a trip to sunny Prestatyn?
  10. robbie

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    Well at the mo I'm playing for my mates band Rode Hall, a small village band dipping their toes into contesting.
    When is Pontins this year?
  11. McEuphie

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    Hi Robbie

    Pontins is on 4/5th November with the 4th section on Sat 4th.

  12. chicken boy

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    I could perhaps email a copy to you in MP3 segments, and not a hard part on Bari just a nice little solo thats all, think it may even be in unison with Euph.......it's supposed to be chanting monks or something like that. Lovelly piece though, we used the last mov. as a concert item several times afterwards as well, sure you would enjoy playing it, cant imagine anyone wouldnt.
  13. McEuphie

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    Hi Chickenboy

    Better make that chanting nun - lady baritone.

    If you want to PM me that would be cool.


  14. robbie

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    Yea I'll come and help at Pontins..... ofcourse there will be a fee!... ie :guiness ;)
    What I'll do is just make sure my band arn't doing anything that day, and I'll get back to you if thats ok?
  15. chicken boy

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    may take a bit of finding in my collection but in the next 24hours or so should be able to sort it for you, we had nuns playing on the day as well! Gordon Langford also gave me a cassette tape of, I think Yorkshire Imps playing it as well I think, but lent that at the time to another conductor who didnt get it back to me.......lesson there somewhere!
  16. McEuphie

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    Cheers Chicken Boy

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks again and happy banding.

  17. drummergurl

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    Facets of Glass, as far as i know was commissioned by Rainford Silver Band for what used to be Pilkingtons contest (now Wilkinsons Northern Open i think.. whatever it was/is its in St Helens Theatre Royal). As St Helens is famous for is glass making and Pilkington is based in St Helens (it has about 3 or 4 factories within St Helens and laboratories in Lathom), it became titled facets of glass.

    Maybe someone can help with the names of the movements of the piece, but i remember one is called Lathom Park Chapel. Its a really beautiful place, not far from where i live! It's right out in the countryside. Lathom itself is a tiny place, surrounded by fields, and farms, and has the pilkington labs in a big glass building (that kinda looks strange in the countryside) however it is mostly surrounded by trees. I found a small picture of the chapel after searching google (without much luck). So that's what the picture is that ive attatched to this post.

    Hope that has enlightened you a tiny bit. If you know the names of the other movements i might be able to tell you abit about them too.

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  18. Seem to remember 1st movement is called 'Fusion' (i.e. the glass making process, not curried steak). Is the last movement 'Holidays' or am I thinking of another piece?
  19. WoodenFlugel

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    Not sure about Facets of Glass, but the last movement of Royal Parks is called Holidays....are you thinking of that instead?
  20. Terrible Tuba

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    Gorden Langfords "Facets of Glass" was specially commissioned for the Pilkington Northern Open Brass Band Championships in 1984.

    1. Fusion
    THE sombre opening is intended to portray the creation of glass by the dramatic fusion of the elements by lightning many centuries ago - perhaps in the very beginning of time.

    HERE is illustrated the function of glass in the recreational moments of life,notably bottles and glasses (note the drunken tune in the trio) (should suit Pontins very well)and the pretty lights that lighten our darkness.

    3.Lathom Park Chapel
    A chant begins the third movement as we find ourselves in a chapel beholding the wonders of stained glass windows.

    INTO the future-and the universality of glass and its related products and its influence on modern technology and so many aspects of our daily life.

    This is from the Preface off an old cassette, unfortunately not playable any more,would'nt mind getting a copy of the recording myself.