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    EYMS To Return To Bandroom

    Following a period of uncertainty regarding the band room, it has been confirmed that the Band will once again be rehearsing at the facilities provided by St John Ambulance at their Headquarters in Popple Street, Hull. St John's and the Band had to leave this building in early October 2005, when the Executive Officers of St John had to take the sad, but understandable decision to close the building as a result of ongoing problems with a group of travellers, who had taken up residence in the street outside. These problems included damage to the building, damage to cars parked outside the headquarters, and threats to staff. Local magistrates granted an eviction order, and the travellers moved on shortly before the end of a 28-day period given to leave. Although they have now left Popple Street, the actual problem of unofficial sites continues, as the travellers have only moved a short distance away, so that some other group will face the same type of disruption.

    The subtle placing of a large container across the street has now blocked off the end of Popple Street. However, the disgraceful collection of litter, excrement, household appliances, gas cylinders and unwanted food remains, to be cleared by the local council.

    The Band is delighted to be returning to their 'home', ready for the main part of their preparation for the forthcoming Northern Area Contest. A Band spokesman said, "This has been a difficult time for the Band. As we only had a short time to remove items from the building and no idea of how long we would be out, it was inevitable that some things would be left behind - sleigh bells for instance, you don't think of those in October! We would like to thank those groups who have helped us whilst we have been away from Popple Street. The Zion Newland United Reform Church and Maybury School for allowing us to use their facilities to rehearse in, and The Cottingham Band and Hull City Music Services for allowing us to use their equipment when we have been unable to access ours. We would also like to thank St John Ambulance for their continued support, and we will be presenting a concert shortly to raise funds for them, as they too have been reliant on the good will of other groups, and subject to a large outlay of funds to secure the building whilst it has been out of use."
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