EYMS & ERYB. Avoiding Confusion over loss of homes.

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    To clear up any possible confusion or misunderstanding, we would like to point out that two Bands with similar names have lost their Bandrooms in East Yorkshire over the past months.

    The East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band (North Of England – Championship Section) has had to temporarily leave it’s home in Popple Street, Hull, due to the effect of a group of travellers colonising the street, and the effect that has had on St John Ambulance who provide the Band with a home. As previously reported, St John Ambulance have boarded up the building following damage, threats, and other anti social behaviour by the group. St John Ambulance are trying all sorts of avenues to return to their headquarters, but Kingston Upon Hull City Council seems to be taking little or no action to enable this to happen quickly.

    The East Riding Of Yorkshire Band (North of England – 2nd Section) has been rehearsing in an old school in Beverley, which has now been earmarked for demolition by its owners – East Riding of Yorkshire County Council

    So, in a change of location, The East Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band has moved from the City of Hull into a church hall in Cottingham, in the East Riding, whilst the East Riding Of Yorkshire Band has moved from Beverley, into a church hall in the City of Hull.

    For further information please visit the respective website –


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