EYMS Band Motor to Cracking Victory

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    EAST Yorkshire Motor Services Brass Band gave a ‘cracking’ performance to win one of the country’s leading competitions in Blackpool. The victory on Saturday was masterminded by Frans Violet, a top musical director specially ‘imported’ from Belgium to lead the band’s assault on the Senior Cup at the Winter Gardens. He had only one week to prepare the band – after making an air, sea and road dash for Hull straight after leading Belgium’s Brass Band Willebroek in the defence of its European title in Stavanger the previous weekend. After the announcements of the results in Norway, he flew from Stavanger to Brussels, took a speedy taxi to his car at home - and then headed for Rotterdam to catch the ferry to Hull.

    With him was Jef Vermeiren, a Willebroek player who was principal cornet on Saturday for EYMS. Willebroek finished third in the European, ironically behind winners Cory of Wales, conducted by Dr Robert Childs, founder of the Hull band in 1989. But Frans got back into the winner’s enclosure with EYMS after a thoroughbred reading of the set test for 19 bands at Blackpool, Martin Ellerby’s Elgar Variations. The victory promotes the band next year into the Grand Shield, the ‘feeder’ for the British Open Brass Band Championships; the oldest, most famous, and highest-profile contest in the world.

    Band chairman John Mathews said: “It is our 20th anniversary in 2009 and it would be a fantastic birthday present for us to qualify for the British Open. “We would have to finish in the top two in the Grand Shield. It would be a tough task, but not impossible, and the anniversary gives us every incentive to go for it.” The adjudicators at Blackpool, Derek Broadbent and Chris Wormald, were both highly impressed with the band’s showing. Wormald, who praised EYMS for its ‘superb sound and balance’, added: “This was a cracking performance.” Broadbent, delighted with the ‘stately playing’ and ‘lovely chording’, declared there to be ‘much to commend in a performance of merit’. The leading website 4barsrest.com said: “The Elgar is vivid – a show of real quality by both band and MD.”

    Willebroek, Frans’ own band, won the European contest with a performance including the same music last year, when it was written to mark the 150th anniversary of the birth of Sir Edward Elgar, widely regarded as Britain’s finest composer. The Belgian band had been on a hat trick of European wins in Stavanger. Frans spent two nights in Hull with the Band late last month to get to know the players at first hand after accepting the EYMS invitation to take them to Blackpool.

    In between, Norman Law, the former Black Dyke trombone star, helped prepare the band in readiness for Frans’ arrival on Bank Holiday Monday. The Blackpool success confirms EYMS’s rich vein of form, which has seen them qualify for the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain at the Royal Albert Hall in October, against the likes of Yorkshire big guns Black Dyke, Grimethorpe and Brighouse and Rastrick. Last October, EYMS, in its 10th appearance in London in 13 years, and the nationally lowest-ranked of the 20 finalists at the RAH, finished 12th.

    John Mathews continued, “On behalf of the band and committee, I would like to thank both Frans Violet, and Norman Law for all of the hard work they each put in, to secure a first place in the Senior Cup for EYMS Band. Norman has been training the band for some weeks now, and when Frans came over to Hull from Stavanger on Bank Holiday Monday, they proved to be a force to be reckoned with. After the initial language barriers were crossed, Frans really started to put his artistic flair on the piece. By contest day the band really were up for the challenge. We have had a fantastic start to the year. Qualifying for the finals under the baton of the band’s founder Bob Childs was a great experience, and now a win under Frans Violet. As a longstanding player of the band, I never imagined that I would work with two of the worlds leading brass band conductors in such a short period of time.”

    Thanks must also go to the East Yorkshire Motor Services Group Ltd., the support we receive from the company, and Chief Executive Peter Shipp, makes all of these dreams come true. EYMS, which rehearses twice a week at the Popple Street HQ of the St John Ambulance, have a number of concerts later in the year, starting with Cottingham Civic Hall on Saturday 7th June. More information is available on their award-winning website at www.eymsbrassband.co.uk
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    Well done to EYMS, Frans and Jef :tup
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    Well well done EYMS It sounded like a great show, however I wonder how your regular principal cornet is feeling unless he/she was unavailable of course? I'd feel, well the word rhymes with hissed put it that way.
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    http://www.eymsbrassband.co.uk/pages/The Band/Vacancies.htm
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    Who played principal at the contest?
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    have read the article properly now :oops:
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    Jef Vermeiren is currently playing 3rd man at Willebroek.
    Raf van Looveren was also in Blackpool, but he was already engaged elsewhere, so I've been told ;)
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    Raf was playing for Leyland so a good weekend all around for the Belgian contingent :clap:

    Many thanks to both Jef and Frans for their contributions to our success!
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    Well done to you all at EYMS, great result for the city:clap:

    Did Chappers win best percussion again?;)
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    There was a mistake in our original article, as we included Brighouse & Rastrick in our list of Yorkshire Bands that had qualified for the National Finals in October. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this misunderstanding has caused.
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    Well done guys, quality result!

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    Well done to all the members of the band. What a fantastic result.
  14. It just re-opens the whole "european players" can of worms for me!
    It also begs the question, could someone else have won it if they had money to fly quality players in from all over the place?
    I think it's very bad form and not in the best tradition of our movement.
    Now all feel free to start throwing rotten fruit at me for having (daring to have) an opinion!
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    Anybody would think you've never won anything before? Oops - maybe you haven't!!!!!!
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    Who can blame us for enjoying the moment? There must be thousands of players who'd like to be in our shoes. Why have a dig at us?
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    This is more like it, a sensible debate rather than someone just having a dig, thank you!

    Whilst Jef is a super player, he did not turn us from also rans into world beaters. I'm quite confident that had the other bands also flown quality players in, we would still have won, as we were, in other peoples words 'streets ahead' of the opposition.

    As has already been aluded to earlier in the thread, we currently have a vacancy for a Principal Cornet player, so Jef wasn't sitting in anyones seat or treading on anyones toes. We have have a number of fine deps over the last few months, anyone of whom would have done an equally good job as Jef. None of them however were able to assist last weekend, which is why we had to look further afield. Whether it is considered bad form or not traditional or whatever, we have done only what any other band could have done themselves within the rules of the contest. Yes, we have the financial backing of our sponsor (for which we are very grateful!) but the actual costs of doing this were not that great and certainly not beyond the means of many other bands.

    It should be pointed out that Jef has himself benefitted from the experience by playing top man at a major contest, rather than as 3rd man as he does with his own band.

    The european debate may well continue, but the fact is that we didn't fly Jef in to try to gain an edge, we did it merely to fill and empty chair. The sad thing is this only highlights the fact that there aren't enough players to go round at the moment.

    Thanks for your comments.:)
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    Congratulations to everyone at EYMS-
    I met a few of you on saturday (I seem to remember...?!?) and was very happy for you ....... especially Mr Kennedy :) my NYBB pal's daddy :)
    And yes....my hangover WAS slightly painful the next day ............
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    Many congrats to you all! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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    Our sentiments exactly - a slighty odd post considering he's a well respected MD and Adjudicator