Extreme Tromboning - The Future ... ?

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    Myself and 3 friends recently started a trombone quartet, known as 'the Extreme Trombonists' - Long story involving trombones, extreme ironing and a rogue euphonium (*cough* Neil Glynn *cough*)

    Anyway, we were negotiating possibly sorting out a mini-tour, i.e. go somewhere, do something stupid whilst playing trombones (possibly climb a mountain, Ben Nevis has been mentioned but i'm dubious)

    Would anyone be interested in joining our happy brigade, if so post here or pm/e-mail me ...

    Sorry, this is all rather vague ... I just would like to know if their would be any interest ...
  2. andyp

    andyp Active Member

  3. cool im up for it!! sounds fun!! hehe me being craaazy and all!! lol

  4. Where do you think we got the idea from?
  5. andyp

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    Yes, I see. The arm movements involved are very similar.................. :)
  6. Lothianh

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    Maybe not "extreme", but a few years ago there was a guy here in the U.S. who hiked the entire length of the Appalachian Trail - roughly 2,200 miles, from Maine to Georgia - with his tuba, serenading other hikers with impromptu recitals. The same guy then biked across the U.S. with his tuba (in a bike trailer) in 2002. Lots of photos and info can be found at http://www.uvm.edu/~dtepper/tubabike2002. Links to a couple of photos from the A.T. trip are below.



  7. cornetgirl

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    What about being , like, really extreme and doing a trombonathon outside a pub without drinking for a set period of time!

    Of course afterwards the landlord would be honour bound to let you drink the place dry for free, I'm sure.........

    Rach x
  8. michellegarbutt

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    Now is this limited to trombonists (plus Neil) or are you expanding this into extreme brass banding?
  9. i think that may be a little TOO extreme!! haha! a trombonathon cud b fun with the drinkin tho, drink n play at the same time-without spillin any...now that wud be extreme!!
  10. bigmamabadger

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    How about doing the 3-Peaks challenge with recitals at top and bottom of each mountain? The sponsorship possibilities are interesting, no?

    Won't play but will happily be a driver/roadie! :wink:

  11. Neil Glynn

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    Am I right in thinking that would involve those cornetty things?
  12. Chris Sanders

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    Im told there is a company, who if you can get £1000 in sponsors for a registered charity, will let you skydive for free...

    You could play a quartet whilst falling from 6,000ft :cool:
  13. groovy

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    My PE teacher played volleyball on top of Ben Nevis so I'm sure you could manage! :)
  14. I like that idea!
    The skydiving one is also interesting although unless we harnessed our trombones to ourselves they probably woundn't let us do it .... hmmmm ....

    Enough of ideas ... any potential players?
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  16. Neil Glynn

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    Looks like we could be doing the 3 Peaks thing, anyone interested PM me or catch me on MSN/ICQ
  17. NeilW

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    Can't you find a valve trombone for your euph player if he, like me (same name too - scary!!) isn't licensed for anything with a slide?

    (yes, I've got a valve bone, but am too far from Yorkshire!)
  18. Neil Glynn

    Neil Glynn Member

    I just happen to BE the euph player, and yes, it looks like we could have sorted out a valve trom (although at a push I can actually play things with slides)
  19. XT Trial Tour ... latest

    Yes, i know i'm bumping this thread a bit, but i do have a reason ...

    Extreme Trombonists ... Trial Tour

    On the 22nd of October, we shall be voyaging up Pen-y-Ghent and any extra trombonists or groupies would be most welcome ... even if you avoid the hike and meet us in a Pub afterwards

    We have two rehearsals left on Sunday 9th and Sunday 16th, times are as yet unclear but if you wish to come along for a blow then e-mail me (yetanotherrob@aol.com) or Neil_Glynn

    Here's some blab from our hiking organiser and official maniac, Matron - Martin Bacon ... not a tMP member so don't bother looking

    and additional details can be found from me on the above e-mail or our websites


    Hope to see you soon ...

    P.S. ... we do have a valve trom, but it's an india-made e-bay trom ... i.e. not very good ...
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