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    I heard Extreme Makeover for the first time last night at a concert by BAYV in Cardiff, the UK premiere I suppose. I can only say one thing...WOW!! After hearing so much about it, I was expecting something really weird and aurally torturous, but it was so different! Obviously it was helped by an unbelievable rendition by the band (and their bottles), but the performance as a whole not only made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, they jumped off and had a party! And a huge :clap: to percussionist Dave Danford for his mind-bogglingly precise marimba playing!

    To me this just showed what kind of exceptionally high standard the Europeans must have been, if this is the kind of work they feel that bands these days can tackle. IMHO we should hear more like this, as it shows a crossover between the orchestral and brass band world (with the Tchaikovsky references) and brings some 'novelty' into what can sometimes be seen as quite a stuffy genre.

    What were everyone else's opinions on this piece if you've heard it?
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    Thanks Sarah. It was a fantastic piece to work on and I've recently been lucky enough to perform it again in a concert and CD recording with Black Dyke.

    All the best