Extreme Brass Banding: Most number of contests in one day!

Discussion in 'The Adjudicators' Comments' started by Simon_Horn, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Simon_Horn

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    Hey all,

    Following on from my facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=87492123326, I decided to try something a little different - 'extreme brass band contesting'!

    After moving my registration to 4th section, I managed to compete in all 5 sections at the Leicester contest this weekend just gone: 4th (cornet), 3rd (MD), 2nd (Timps), 1st (Horn) and Championship (Horn).

    Is this a genuine record for the most amount of brass band contests on one day? (The day before I was also contesting in Weymouth if I'm going for the weekend record too!)

  2. DublinBass

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    Did you get your registration card stamped 5 times? If so, I think you ought to submit it to Guiness Book for biggest band tart ;-)
  3. DMBabe

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    My thoughts precisely.......:tongue:
  4. tubafran

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    I did 3 in one day at Pontins this year, but they'd only give me one stamp :(
  5. ronnie_the_lizard

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    The "Competing in all the sections" may be a first, BUT does conducting count? Lots of people have conducted several bands at contests, with Fred, Alex and Harry Mortimer each regularly taking 3 bands to the Open or the Finals.

    According to THIS SITE , Alexander Owen took 6 bands to the national finals in 1900 and a massive 11 bands in 1901, leaving you a long way to go yet simon.
  6. astreet83

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    I did well over 10 contest in one day........ Whit Friday Marches!!!!! ;)
  7. ronnie_the_lizard

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    Having checked the LBBA site, I see you didn't even enter ALL the sections at the contest - you could have found an 'unregistered band' from somewhere.

    What a poor effort. Try harder next year.
  8. MoominDave

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  9. Martin

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    Simon, whilst it was great to have you sat beside me on Sunday, it's clear you need help!! lol!!!!! :)

    All I can say is that Liz is a very patient lady! :clap:
  10. Nigel Hall

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    Well we needed help and Simon obliged, getting to us for the last 20 minutes of our Sunday morning rehearsal and then rushing across the campus to play for us then dashing for a quick costume change to go and conduct. So whilst he may be a band tart - long may it continue!! Thanks Simon
  11. Martin

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    Well said, Nigel! :clap:
  12. Di B

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    He splits himself over different bands nicely..... hope it wasn't the same thing with his playing! ;-)

    Well done Simon - sorry I missed you zooming around!