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    The new magazine for the bands in Manchester and Cheshire still has time for the bands to send in their news.

    ‘Brassed On’ – a bi-annual magazine focusing on the brass band movement in the Manchester and Cheshire areas will be printing its first edition in early December 2005.

    As mentioned earlier in October, the magazine aims to raise the profile and awareness of the brass band achievements in the local area; Increase exposure and publicity of local brass band events; and keep band members, families, friends and supporters, old and new informed of the news, views and movements in the brass band community.

    In addition one of the unique functions of this magazine will be to raise funds of each band.

    If you would like your band to feature in the first edition or are a company who would like to advertise or are simply interested in where you can get hold of the magazine please get in touch. Visit www.brassedon.co.uk for details.

    Many thanks
    Karen Howe, Editor
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