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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Gtrom, Sep 29, 2011.

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    I have played Bass Trombone for about 30 years and for the last 20 of them have played a Yamaha 613-B through a Bach 1G mouthpiece (the mouthpiece has also lasted this length of time but desperately needs replacing due to internal corrosion). This bone has served me very well indeed and got me from the 4th Section to the 1st and knocking on the door of the Championship Section. I have fancied a change for some time now and by all accounts the open wrap design with less stuffy valves (hagmann, axial etc) seem to be the way forward. I am happy, for the most part, with my sound and will retain the Yammy but fancy a change, a challenge of exceeding my current playing standards on an instrument with a more modern design. There doesn't seem to be any new close wrap bones on the market now so I guess the open wrap is an evolutionary step. I have researched the vast amount of possible replacement bones and it seems to me that Rath make an exceptional product with great back-up and in a friendly, experienced way. I am well aware of the vast array of options for a custom-built bone (new Raths are all "made to measure") and will probably go for a red brass bell with independant axial valves and splash out on a Frosty mouthpiece. I wonder whether anyone has any advise they can share?

    This is my first thread so apologies if it isn't constructed too well.

    Many thanks in anticipation.
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    I would strongly advise that should you visit Rath you do so with an open mind! as quite often what you end up with is not what you thought you would!

    I would also take a look at www.tromboneforum.org a search of the topics will yield a number similar to yours!

    as for your mouthpiece, just get it replated, as bach mouthpieces vary so much you may not find one you like!
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    Many thanks for your advise Vegasbound. I know the idea of being surrounded by every possible combination of Trombone at Rath may be daunting and what may mean a dark sound to some may mean warm to others I'm looking forward to visiting at some stage to assemble what I think I'm after. It will be a similar build to my Yammy in any event.

    I have looked into a replating of my mouthpiece and have been quoted about £40 odd for gold and silver which I'll probably go for.

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