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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Matt the Baritone, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. Hello all! Was just wondering if anyone had any copies of rules for the exmouth contest? Just wanna check something :p Thank you :)
  2. simonium

    simonium Member

    Could be contentious! ;)
  3. gptrom

    gptrom New Member

    there is generally a schedule sent ... have been the same for years
    can you ask the question on here ?????
  4. KernowSop

    KernowSop Member

    I believe the bands should dep with as many championship players as possible and then claim victory for their section. Or at least this is how it seems to be done? ;)
  5. I would ask the question, but it would probably start a very big argument over whether it should happen or not.... I'm not even sure if its happening yet! I'll wait for the schedule..... You'll if all goes to plan see what is happening next september :p
  6. KernowSop

    KernowSop Member

    what are you up to Matt, you've got me curious now! ;)
  7. IanHeard

    IanHeard Member

    Basically anything goes in the SWBBA`s annual 'Ringer' Championships at Exmouth!!....as long as any 'guest' player is not the featured soloist and plays with just the one band on the day, the possibilities are endless and indeed are, most years!:)
  8. What about if the WHOLE band are deps? Would we be able to feature a soloist? :p
  9. KernowSop

    KernowSop Member

    Matt, are you thinking about putting a whole band of deps together?? Surely that would cause an issue with the 'section' you would be playing in? Or would it be classified as 'ungraded'? Very sneaky. ;)
  10. Quite possibly.... ;) But over time it will reveal itself... I imagine we would be putting up as an ungraded band! Its not a band of all the "top" players in the county, but a group of close mates of mine within a banding organisation in Cornwall.... :p
  11. KernowSop

    KernowSop Member

    Fair play. If you want to do it, I hope it works out for you. :)
  12. Thank you very much! :) Hope others see it that way and dont kick up fuss.... :p
  13. simonium

    simonium Member

    There may be trouble ahead...I can't see that being very well received if I'm honest. I would advise if you really want to attend try being more persuasive at band...
  14. Nuh Bell

    Nuh Bell Member

    I'm afraid I agree on this one. I don't think the majority of bands would be very pleased to have a "scratch band" come in, especially if it contains many championship players. It wouldn't seem fair on those who work hard as a band all year. The spirit of the contest needs to be remembered.
  15. KernowSop

    KernowSop Member

    I actually think that it is harder for a band to come together from scratch and enter, rather than an established one. There are always disagreements about being beaten by bands that have multiple ringers, as opposed to a band that goes with their own players, but that is Exmouth Contest and unless the rules change, it will always be the same. At the end of the day, its up to the players of the formed band to put the work in, the same as the established band, but the established band will have the experience of working together as a unit previously.

    If it doesnt break the rules, there can be nothing wrong with it, regardless of how unfair it seems. And if a group of players want to get together for fun, put the hard work in, suffer the expense of contesting and compete, why should they not do it.

    I still agree with simonium, that it would be better trying to convince your own band to enter, but we all do this for 'fun' and if that option isnt available to you, then its up to you how to proceed.
  16. I think once people understand the circumstance, they will have a completely different perspective on things! We aren't bringing in championship players, but we are trying to do something which could target a new audience. Exmouth isn't exactly the most serious contest, so we think this would be perfect to do for the group of players we have! I knew it would cause controversy, but at the end of the day, rules are rules, and if we stick to them, is there any real problem?
  17. simonium

    simonium Member

    Well technically filling your band with Championship players doesn't break the rules, but could leave a sour taste. The best thing about Exmouth Contest is the fact that it lets bands who may not compete at a high level - or some instances compete anywhere else at all - have a go. Scratch bands are fun at the Whit Marches, but I think noses could be seriously out of joint in this instance. I would humbly suggest that any invitations to Exmouth Contest for vacancies should be offered to any bands who have previously competed and might want to return before any offer is extended to new candidates, in any form.
  18. I would suggest whits, but the group I have purely could not raise funds to go! A large majority of the players in the group are 3rd or 4th section. Of course we will understand that bands that have previously competed have priority, but its better to have a bigger field and keeping the contest going than having a few short like the last couple of years! I'm not even 100% sure its happening, but we just wanted to make sure that the rules corresponded!

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