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  1. Exmouth

    Just thought I would say hi to all the bands competing at Exmouth, I am very new to this thing and Callington have entered this as there first ever contest. So all of you long stnding experienced bands out there please be kind to us:) I look forward to seeing and hearing you all in a few weeks.
    Any advice is always appreciated;)
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    Excellent to think that this is going to be your band's first contest. The atmosphere will be superb and I am sure everyone will be pleased to have a new band at the contest. In fact I think another band, the City of Exeter Railway Band will be doing the contest for the first time too - only their 2nd contest in many years. Its is a very relaxed contest and an ideal springboard for a new band to enter the contesting arena.

    I will definately try and come and listen to yourband if our performance times allow. I think 15 bands have entered.......we could try and name them all. I know my band Lympstone are going...but also Torbay, Sidmouth, City of Exeter Railway Band, Hayle, Soundhouse (?) - (South Molton, Tiverton, Bideford were there last year too).....if anyone has the full order perhaps they could post it on here. Failing that I will try and get it from our secretaryand post it on here asap.

    I know your band wil enjoy it and I am sure I speak for the whole of Lympstone and probably the whole of SWBBA region when I wish you good luck. I am sure competing bands will give you all the support you need. If you need to borrow rehearsal facilities or percussion on the day we may be able to help with that too.
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  3. Hi
    Thanks for the support and offer of help,
    It is wonderful to see bands pull together,
    You may of seen on the news when my band had every bands worst nightmare, Our bandroom burnt down in March this year and we lost a lot of stuff.
    The amount of bands in Cornwall and devon that where on the phone to me and e-mail offering support was imense, what a great organisation we all belong to.
    You where asking about the running order for Exmouth here it is
    Appledore 18.30-1855
    Bideford 1535-1600
    Brixham 1610-1635
    CALLINGTON 1500-1525
    Camelford 1720-1745
    City of Exeter 1110-1135
    Heyl Town 1330-1355
    Lanner & District 1645-1710
    Lympstone 1405-1430
    Phoneix Brass 1755-1820
    Sidmouth 1035-1100
    Soundhouse 1220-1245
    South Molton 1255-1320
    Tiverton 1000-1025
    Torbay 1145-1210
    Hope this helps and look forward to seeing you I will try and listen to your band as well.
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    mmm, sorry to be a kill joy - BUT is the contest open adjudication? If not, it not be that wise to list the running order.
    Best of luck to all competing bands
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    It is open adjudication!
  6. tam-tam2

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    The draw and details have also been announced on 4barsrest.com so I think it's ok to have them on here!

    Wow........... the contest is Saturday and I haven't been to band for three weeks (I have been sunning it in the south of France).....band tonight though so may get the cornet out later!!

    Was a really hot day last year so lets hope for more of the same this year. Should be a good day. Good luck to all bands........see you there!!
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    Good luck to Appledore who have got a former 2nd Trombone player from Bestwood playing for them Becki Daniel.
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    I am also going to Exmouth tomorrow, playing with Bideford. Looking forward to seeing all the other bands there, and hearing their entertaining choices!!

    Good Luck Everyone, break a leg!
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    Well done to all the bands today, and especially Tim for your soloist prize!

  10. Veri

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    What were the results?
  11. Flugem

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    Many congrats to Tim for the soloist prize....hope you were`nt to bladdered to enjoy the glory of the moment:)

    The winners were I think as follows-

    Overall winners- Lanner.

    Best entertainment-Heyl.

    Best Championship Band-Lanner.

    Best 1st section- Lympstone SWT.

    Best 2nd section- Phoenix Brass Crewkerne.

    Best 3rd section- Heyl.

    Best 4th section- Sidmouth Town.

    Best Ungraded- Tiverton Town.

    Best Troms- Phoenix

    Best Percussion- ????
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    other result

    The soloist prize went to our flugel player (Lympstone SWT) who played 'Send in the Clowns'
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    What a day out, irrespective of the result! A great contest with Lympstone, who I'm looking forward to signing for full time.

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    Anyone know the order all the bands finished in?
  15. jackballard

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  16. Majoresteve

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    Well now I feel really stupid..... lol
  17. jackballard

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    well alot of people have thought that tim won it!!!
  18. tam-tam2

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    Majorsteve...I feel a little embarrassed now too!!

    Did try to explain yesterday but cider had kicked in .........

    Winner of the soloist prize WAS NOT ME.............it was won by Scott Burton our flugel soloist who played outstandingly.......I wish I could play that well, I had never been on stage to get a cup so the band said I could get the trophy if Scott won because he had gone home. Sorry for any confusion everyone!!
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  19. Flugem

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    No worries there Steve! ;)

    Shame on you Tim for taking all the credit in the bar afterwards!
    `Clowning ` around were we?

    ALL credit to Scott Burton on HIS win !! :clap:
  20. tam-tam2

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    Quit right too!! :oops::oops::oops: