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    The final schedule for the musicians competing in the inaugural Muse Festival (Music for Everyone) being held in Singapore in April has been released and the organisers have made sure there is a perfect balance between music making, education, fun and relaxation.

    The main events commence on Friday 14 April when the competing bands, judges and audience will gather for an opening reception at The National Youth Park on Somerset Road walking distance to the trendy Orchard Road where major shopping malls are located. Each competing band will be presented with a commemorative certificate, with an option of some of the participating bands invited to perform in an informal performance, followed by an evening reception.

    Saturday 15 April will concentrate on cultural and musical exchanges between the visiting overseas bands and local school bands, where musicians will be able to mix and meet like-minded friends from other countries and share their experiences and forge links for the future. Two workshops will also be held at The Art House at The Old Parliament and will be presented by Chris Wormald and Tabby Clegg, two of the visiting judges at the inaugural event.

    Sunday 16 April is competition day; each band will perform a 25 minute programme of music which must include a set test-piece. The bands have been given a choice of three set-pieces which are all brand new works and have been composed by Darrol Barry, Richard Grantham and Pete Meechan. With the competition over, bands will be awarded certificates of merit in a prize ceremony which precedes a farewell reception.

    Expressing interest to participate as observers of the event are Music Directors from the North, including Bangkok, Thailand. They have register with us indicate their interest to participate in the opening reception, workshop and Competition day.

    Whilst this marks the end of the competition, the following few days will allow the musicians to take in the sights and sounds of the wonderful city of Singapore with organised trips and relaxation time making the whole festival a truly diverse cultural experience.

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