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    I'm playing this classic trombone quartet at a contest soon, with the trombone section at McTaggarts Band, and I'm wondering if anyone out there knows if it's published at all, along with any of the fantastic quartets John Faulds wrote for the famous Barry, Osterle and Shepherd quartet. I know that as well as "Liszt", he did "Wagner", "Rossini", and "Tchaikovsky" - I've played them - and I've also heard that there are selections of "Handel", and "Gounod". I edited a version of "Liszt" years ago, which we at "Nitten" won the Scottish a couple of times in the early 1980's, but I lent it to someone, and needless to say, it never came back. I've also done excerpts from "Elgar", and "Suppe", and fancy a crack at writing "Bizet" sometime, but for now, I'd really like to find a proper set of "Liszt"!!
    Oh, and if anyone has a copy of the recording John Faulds made with "Barry's" all those years ago, I'd be very interested!!
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    Hi Alan

    I found this for GOUNOD and this for HANDEL

    Any good?
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    Thanks, Matt. I think these two are published by Wright and Round, but it's "Liszt" I'm after!
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    Why not check your contacts in Fife, Alan? I'm sure that some of the bands (or players) will have the quartets in some form! I'm sure when Barry, Osterle & Shepherd band broke up, the players went to Tullis!