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  1. euphfanhan

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    I have my first AS exam today (yes, in the easter holidays!) and it's music performing. I'm playing two pieces on euph which should be fine as I don't really get nervous playing it in exams or concerts, but I'm also playing piano. Problem is, when I get nervous my hands shake like mad, my fingers tie up in knots and end up playing completely the wrong notes :(
    I was wondering if anyone had any tips for combatting nerves (or at least using them to your own advantage) as my exam is on just over 4 hours :eek: and I'm very worried!
    Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated!
  2. Di

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    There are some useful questions and tips given by Brassneck over here.

    All the best of luck. Let us know you you do eh? :)
  3. clare_euph

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    Hello!! When I get nervous playing the piano, I run cold water on the underside of my wrists, which does the trick!! Also, when I did my AS music performance, we were allowed to record it as many times as we wanted, I'm sure??
    If it is examined by an external examiner, then just smile and give the impression you're the most confident person in the world....it worked for me!! I would also advise you to play the piano piece first if that is the one you are most nervous about, that way you're not worrying about it during your euph pieces!!!
    Hope that helps!!!

    Clare xx

    PS. good luck!!!
  4. euphfanhan

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    Thank you :tongue:
    We're with OCR and only allowed to record the pieces once :eek: I was fine last year when it was just me, my teacher and a recording machine! But we have an external examiner and hes a brass bander aswell!! Eeeek. Well thanks for the tip, best scoot or I'll be late :rolleyes:

    euphfanhan x
  5. clare_euph

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    I had a brass bander for mine too....don't worry, confidence is the key!!
  6. el maestro

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    I just take deep breaths and try not to worry about it: if you mess it up, there's worse things in life!

    That's how I look at it anyway! :D

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