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    The TBDBITL Alumni Band are planning a UK tour for summer 2011.

    The tour is centered around the Durham Miners Gala as we hope to be representing one of the banners.

    With the gala on July 9th, 2011 and many flying back on July 11th (from Manchester), the band are looking for an event to attend on July 10th somewhere in between the two. Since TBDBITL is the world's largest brass band (we've had as many as 800 for our summer reunions - although only likely 50-100 will be on the tour), we obviously can't compete in a march or entertainment contest. However, we would be happy to be an exhibition band and perform whilst the adjudicators confer, and just as important many of our members have never been to see UK bands so they are just hoping to enjoy the experience.

    I have confirmation Brighouse March Contest will be July, 7th

    Does anybody know of any other events (or who to contact)?

    Do Kippax or Teesdale still have their entertainment contest?
    When are the Old Silkstone or Morley Contests scheduled?

    Thanks in advance.

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