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  1. Highnote

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    Just listened to the CD of the 2004 Europeans and it is fantastic!!!

    Music of the Spheres really is 'out of this world' and one of the best test pieces I have heard for a long long time. There can't be many bands around at the moment who could really do it justice, but the YBS treatment is fantastic. Add to this some great playing from Faireys, Cory, Willebrook and you get a CD that is something a little bit special.
  2. MRSH

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    Oh yes.

    Got my CD today. Listened to it. St Magnus and Music of the Spheres together make it worth the money. What fantastic pieces - and fantastic playing. Especially the opening of 'Spheres'. Absolutely astonishing.

    I was there for the Contest and Gala Concert and the 'heat of the moment' sort of carries you along on the tide of emotion. Listening to this CD now makes you realise how that can happen. Breathtaking.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't able to be there for the Farewell Concert but it seems I missed a treat.

    Superb CD. Get it - or you will regret it.
  3. BillyWiz

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    Just played my 2004 cd for the first time - Awesome!!!!

    I believe that there are 30 seconds of Sop parts missing in the first movement of Spheres as Peter Robert's slide fell out.

    Can't wait for the DVD to be released to see his reaction!

    Seriously though, the playing on this CD is by far the best I have ever heard. Music of the Speres certainly does take banding into a new dimension. I'm sure we will here it played in contests for many years to come. Well done YBS for trying something new.
  4. PeterBale

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    I've not got mine yet but am very much looking forward to it. People may not know that Cory are releasing their reading of "St Magnus" shortly, and it will be interesting to see whether, in the cold light of day and looking at it in retrospect, we still disagree with the judges' decision when placing them sixth in the Set Work section.
  5. iggmeister

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    Is that the live performance or a studio version recorded after?

  6. Active Member

    It's the live version from EBBC in Glasgow. The CD is called Day of the Dragon and it should be on the WoB site very soon. I'll put a post in the Professional Commercial section when it is there.....unless someone beats me to it!
  7. johnflugel

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    I found Cory's performance very exciting and had them 2nd but after hearing the recording since YBS were truly a class apart. I spoke to a sceptic who questioned why I (along with hundreds more) gave them a standing ovation. He said anyone who gave them a standing ovation just got caught up in the emotion of the no, they were just awesome!

    Cory have preview clip of their last minute or so on their website. I thought they were very hard done by in 6th and it's a shame we do not have any written or spoken remarks from the judges to explain their reasoning. Despite this, I don't think many would have argued with the first placing.
  8. timps

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    I have been fortunate to have all of the recordings of all of the performances for the two days of contesting, so I have been enjoying since May the wonderful performances and yes, Music of the Spheres!!

    I have ordered the CD but it hasn't come yet, but I am waiting to listen to the difference between my recordings and the original CD.

    Lee Downie

    Ex-Flowers Percussion
  9. johnflugel

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    Don't tell me you illegally recorded the event? Shame on you :wink:
  10. timps

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    Hands up you got me!!!!

    I recorded the whole event on my archos AV380, everyone should have one!!!

    Great quality from a handheld device, almost as good as the CD!!!
  11. Active Member

    I'm surprised that you didn't get chucked out of the hall.
  12. timps

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    Why would I get chucked out of the hall, I spend thousands of pounds of cd's and dvd's, I have over 2000 cds!!!!

    I am not ripping anyone off, just because I wanted to record the bands playing and listen to it before the official CD came out, no one has lost money because of it.

    I wish artist, CD manufacturers and stockist get off their high horses because 99.9% of people buy the CD's even if they have downloaded it or recorded it live, for a sample of what it is like, the money is still being spent, why do you put excerpts on your website, so people can listen to it before they buy it, same as downloading or recording!!!!!
  13. dyl

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  14. Active Member

    Hey, hold on!
    Most, if not all, public concert halls forbid recording of any kind (audio and visual) unless permission has been granted and they usually have something printed on the tickets to that effect. That's why I said I'm surprised you weren't thrown out!
    I don't think the size of your CD collection would have too much bearing on breaches of concert hall regulations!
  15. timps

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    Just read quickly your FAQ on copyright and it looks like we are all going to jail then!!!!
  16. timps

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    I understand that my CD collection, wouldn't help me in my diffence against being thrown out or prosecuted, but I was mearly demonstrating that I spend alot of money and I am sure alot of other people do too!!
  17. Anglo Music Press

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    A concert hall such as The Royal spends a great deal for its PRS licence for the right to have music performed there. Why should they subsidise your private illegal bootlegging activities?

    The law is the law, and sometimes it has to appear ridiculous because the lines have to be drawn somewhere. If you claim to buy the CDs, why do you bother to record it anyway?

    I'm not trying to take the moral high ground, just trying to point out that claiming a law is ridiculous doesn't mean you're not breaking it!

    World of Brass probably paid a nice facility fee to the hall to make their wonderful recording. I'm not surprised they ticked you off, you naughty person! :)
  18. Whats the rest of the CD like? - i'm going to get it just for St Magnus - finale from Cory sounds like that one piece will be worth the money on it's own. - Anyone got a tracklist on the DVD yet?
  19. Active Member

    Not available yet, I'm afraid.
    We're working on it at the moment and I'll post it when it's ready.
  20. johnflugel

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    On the subject of law breaking: can I assume that WOB has a tachograph fitted to it's vehicles to ensure that it does not go over 70mph on a motorway :wink:

    Just joking Carl :lol: