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Discussion in ' User Reviews' started by groovy, Nov 9, 2003.

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    Hi all

    I just couldn't not mention this - I got the Europeans CD this year and it is absolutely brilliant. I have never heard YBS, Cory etc in the flesh before - having not been in banding long - but I heard playing like I have never heard before! David Childs' euph solo on disc 2 is just amazing. I am sure you hardened banders would be able to criticise something, :wink: but I can't wait for the Europeans to come to Glasgow so I can see the kind of bands that are world famous,and I can enjoy them purely because they are doing exactly what I love to do, but better!

    Ramble over :D
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    The DVD's top as well, allows you to see how it's all done and the look on everyone's face! It shows me that top bands get just as nervous as other bands!
    It was brilliant though, and lots of stuff on it too. I'm sure you've probably got more tracks to listen to on the CD, but the DVD is jst as good.
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    In return groov, you can supply us with a long-awaited next episode of the Banders' Soap.. ;)
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    :oops: Sorry there has been a certain lack of soapyness coming from the groovy I haven't spoken to a certain Mrs I. Sop recently! But if you like, I could do an unofficial return, till we get going again. :)
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    Yes please! :tup