European Youth Band 2008

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  1. Thegroupies

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    European Youth Brass Band, 2008. Whos In From England, Scotland , Wales And Ireland? Anyone Know Yet?
  2. Thegroupies

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    Just read this weeks bandsman English representatives. Andrew Moore - Tenor Horn, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick -Flugal, Jonathan Shaw Bb Bass. Well done . Come on Scotland, Wales and Ireland who are you sending?
  3. axelo

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    Sweden is sending Gustav Stenseke and Filip Draglund. Gustav is one of my greatest friends so it made me very happy when he told me!

    Well done both of you :-D
  4. peps

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    My brother and I, (Michael and Ruth Montgomery) are in it representing NI. ;) I am in on Bb cornet and my bro is in on Eb horn. Its his second year playing in the band, and my third year.
  5. Ryan06

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    I'd love to play in a band like yours. I have a few recordings of you guys and from what I've guys sound great!

    Good luck to the European Youth Brass band this year!
  6. tuba70

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    French players

    France is sending Benjamin Richeton (Bb cornet), Sophie Budelot (Eb horn) and Blandine Budelot (Bb cornet).

    Benjamin and Sophie took part to the EYBB'07.
  7. PeterBale

    PeterBale Moderator Staff Member

    That's good to see - pity there's no French band in the contest this time, though :(
  8. tuba70

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    The French champion (brass band Aeolus) do not participate to the contest this year due to the cost of the trip. :(

    There is no sponsoring for brass bands in France.
  9. Zeek

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    Well done to the english contingent on getting in, and especially Jonny Shaw, who is my Bb bass partner at Faireys, do us proud!

    By the way does anyone know when the EYBB is taking place?
  10. emziesonic

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    Not completely sure if I'm right but is it April 27th - May 4th?
    You would have to double check.
  11. tuba70

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    It is Saturday April 26th to Sunday May 4th.
  12. emziesonic

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    There you go... told you i wouldnt be right! :tup
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  13. Thegroupies

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    Is anyone having trouble finding funding to go?

    And before you ask, no I'm not offering money.

    It would appear the English representatives are being funded, congrats!

    Not sure about Scotland and Ireland, but I know theres no money for the Welsh.

    It is may personal opinion that the title 'Youth' is often associated with 'children', and suggests -not very good-to those outside the banding world. I know this is quite untrue and many of the participants this year play for championship section bands and compete on the international stage, but untill we advise those with such a perception there will never be any significant sponsorship.
  14. chris shanks

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    EYBB - Scottish contingent!!!!!!!

    Hi guys...just joined this n noticed people were wondering who is going from Scotland to Norway. Shanks on Euphonium (Bellshill SA, Kirkie Kelvin) and Eoin Downie (hope a got that right) on Trombone.

    look forward to it and to meeting some new faces :)


  15. Po's the name

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    The Welsh representatives for the 2008 European Band are :
    Emma Havard (Tenor Horn)
    Bethan Evans (Eb Bass)
    Chris Evans (Bass Trombone)

    Well done to these guys, a great achievement!!