European Farewell Concert Sunday 2nd May 2004

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  1. Kerwintootle

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    Hi again,

    The Scottish Co-op Band concducted by Dr Nicholas Childs and Raymond Tennant will be performing in the European Farewell Concert as we are Scottish Champions 2004. BAYV Cory are also taking part in the concert.

    We will have two very special guests with the band. Tormod Flaten the virtuoso euphonium soloist and Roger Webster cornet superstar.

    The concert is at the RSAMD at 12.30pm.
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    Yea. Unfortunately me and Aardvark will be flying back on Sunday too. Would've liked to stay for that one.

    Will it be recorded?
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    I've got my tickets! I shall be watching for Kerwin tootling... ;)

    (and if I can find a big foam finger then we'll see...)
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    See Cory are performing 'Day of the Dragon' by Peter Graham :?: With this, Call of Cossacks, Cry of the Celts...what next?

    Irritation of the Iraqis
    Bite of the Beckham

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    Possibly not.
    The problem is that the Farewell Concert is in the RSAMD while the events on Thursday night and all day Friday & Saturday are in the GRCH.
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    I am assuming that Cory will do a studio recording of the piece at some stage....?
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    Boo hoo! That's no fair!!!!!! :cry: :cry: :wink:
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    Booked my hotel for the weekend and am leaving the car at home so will be able to partake of the wine this time. :wink:

    Good old Scottish Rail only £22 return and I don't have to park that!!!!

    See and hear you soon Alex.
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    no it is getting recorded I think. there's highlights going on listen to the band, dunno about a CD though