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    Just watched the DVD and its very good, some great playing and entertainment well worth the money. Could't stop laughing though during YBS's performance of Music of the spheres (not the playing) why was my wife in the audience when she was at home getting herself ready for the evening concert??? (or at least that's what she told me she was doing?):lol:
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    There is an explanation, I'll try to keep it short!
    When filming a live event, we will use what we call a 'safety cam' to film the audience for a period of time. This gives some audience footage in case there is a problem with the live mix from other cameras.
    The Royal Concert Hall weren't overly helpful with lighting levels for our audience shots and for much of the contest they were too low for us to film. Therefore, it's possible that audience shots for the contest may have been 'patched' from a different part of the contest or even the Gala Concert!
    Goes to show that you can't always believe what you see!

    I hope this clears this up for you and that we haven't caused too much of a rift in your household!