European champions to play at wedding

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    Tomorrow, July 8th, will be a festive day for the current European and Belgian champions, Brass Band Willebroek. The band's flugel player for several years, Kristien Schuurmans, will get married to Tom D'joos, a saxophone player, teacher and conductor. Both musicians are also members of the Koninklijke Fanfare Kempenbloei Achel, one of the country's leading "fanfare bands".

    The wedding will take place in the village church of Achel (North-East Belgium) and Brass Band Willebroek will perform the music during mass. A solo item is foreseen as well for Ivan Meylemans, principal trombone of the Royal Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra, and one of Belgium's most renowned trombone players. Kristien's place in the band will be taken by her brother Steven (Brass Band Limburg, Noord-Limburgse Brass Band).

    The wedding party also promises to be quite an event, as members of several of Belgian brass, wind and fanfare bands are expected to attend.
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    Well, it was a beatiful wedding mass. The band played 'The Olympic Spirit" (J. Williams) for the introduction to the church. Ivan Meylemans played "Annie Laurie" (A. Pryor) and Wilebroek continued with Serenade (D. Bourgeois), Irish Blessing (J.E. Moore and arranged by the groom himself!), Vitae Lux (F. Alnaes), You'll Never Walk Alone and Reunion and Finale (arr. A. Duncan). The brother-in-law of Kristien, bart Wuilmus, also composed a new piece for the wedding, for 2 flugels, tenor horn, euphonium, alto sax and piano (played by other family members and some close friends). While the newly wedded couple and the other guests left the church, the band played 'Erin Shore".

    Maybe we can turn this into a topic "what music would you like being played at your wedding" ;)

    Wel done to the band and many congratulations to the newly wedded couple!

    Now let's get ready for the party this evening :biggrin:

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