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    Several people in Glasgow at the weekend took advantage of our presence and pre-ordered their copies of the Double CD and Double DVD of Highlights from the European Brass Band Championships 2004.
    This facility is now available on our website.
    We aim to have the CD ready in July with the DVD being ready in September.
    It's a bit early to tell you exactly what will be on each product but, rest assured, I'll let you know as soon as there is definate word!

    Here are the links;
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    Here's the provisional track listing for the Double CD;
    AMENDED 14/05/2004

    CD ONE
    1. St. Magnus (Kenneth Downie)
    Winner of Set Test Piece, Yorkshire Building Society, Conductor: David King
    2. Cornet Concerto (Denis Wright)
    Winner of Solo Contest, Raf Van Looveren (Cornet) accompanied by Whitburn Band, Conductor: Andrew Duncan
    3. Domen (Jan Magne Førde)
    Stavanger Brass Band, Conductor: Selmer Simonsen, Flugel Soloist: Margrethe Tønnesen
    4. Entry of the Gladiators (Fucik)
    Whitburn Band, Conductor: Andrew Duncan
    5. The Swan (Saint Saëns arr Snell)
    Young Brass Soloist of the Year Katrina Marzella (Baritone),
    accompanied by National Youth Brass Band of Scotland, Conductor: Richard Evans
    6. & 7. Selections from Celtic Fusion (Robin Dewhurst)
    Gala Concert,Yorkshire Building Society, Conductor: David King, Trumpet Soloist: Neil Yates
    i. Ellis Island Lament
    ii. Knockmanoe Jig
    8 - 9. Two Movements from Hymn of The Highlands (Philip Sparke)
    Gala Concert, Yorkshire Building Society, Conductor: David King , Soprano Soloist (Flowerdale): Peter Roberts
    8. Flowerdale
    9. Dundonnell
    10. Music of the Spheres (Philip Sparke)
    Winners Own Choice Test Piece, Yorkshire Building Society, Conductor: David King

    CD 1 Total Playing Time; 76.55

    CD TWO
    1. Montage (Peter Graham)
    2nd Place Own Choice Test Piece, Brass Band Willebroek, Conductor: Frans Violet
    2. Airs and Dances (Alan Fernie)
    Winners of B Section Set Test Piece, Torshavn Brass Band, Conductor: Ove Olsen
    3. Hymns of Praise (Goff Richards)
    Gala Concert, National Youth Brass Band of Scoland, Conductor: Richard Evans
    4. Carnival of Venice (Harry James arr. Mark Freeh)
    Farewell Concert, Scottish Co-op Band, Conductor: Nicholas J Childs, Cornet Soloist: Roger Webster
    5. Spartacus (arr Howard Snell)
    Farewell Concert, Scottish Co-op Band, Conductor: Ray Tennant
    6. Revelation (Philip Wilby)
    Own Choice Test Piece, Fairey FP Music Band, Conductor: Allan Withington
    7. Echoes of the East (Rodney Newton)
    Farewell Concert, Buy as You View Cory Band, Conductor: Robert Childs
    8. Triumph from Day of the Dragon (Peter Graham)
    Première Performance. Farewell Concert, Buy as You View Cory Band, Conductor: Robert Childs

    CD 2 Total Playing Time; 76.08
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    Thanks for pointing that out.
    Sounds like he played the version that he's put on his new CD which makes sense.
    I just posted the listing that we got from Doyen Recordings!
    By coincidence, Nick Childs is visiting us today so Kevin, our CD Projects man, can sort it out with him.
    Thanks for your input, Alex, very helpful.
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    No problem!
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    Will there be a DVD with the America Region Format? I'm not an expert on this DVD thing, but I know we bought a DVD recently (I'll keep the party anonymous) that skips and freezes quite often because it is on the Europe format (or what not).

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    You are sure he actually played, aren't you, because the report in the BB makes no mention of it :shock: - makes you wonder whether they actually had anyone there, or just printed the programme details :wink:
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    I'm not an expert on DVD things either!
    Both our DVDs so far (European 2003 & Eric Ball concert) have been intended as multi-region. However, there has been a problem in North America with these products, but only on certain players!
    I was in email correspondence with one customer. The Eric Ball DVD played on his laptop, PS2, PC, son's home cinema set up, $30 supermarket special and 5+ year old Toshiba. However, it wouldn't play on his brand new, top-of-the-range $300 Toshiba!

    We made a limited number of NTSC only DVDs of the Eric Ball concert especially for the ISB to take on tour to North America. There are a few of these left and we automatically send this version to anyone from North America who orders.

    At the moment, there are several ways to record a DVD (e.g. DVD+R, DVD-R and so on) and this could be the cause of some multi-region discs not playing on certain players in North America. We've taken advice from Sony, who make our DVDs, and will ensure that there is a EBBC 2004 product that will play in North America.
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    Did the BB mention that Tormod Flatten also appeared as a soloist at the Farewell concert?

    If not then it sounds like they just listed the original intended programme with nobody actually there to review it. Paul Kiernan (solo trom) was down on the published programme to play Bolivar but he didn't play it. No doubt dropped due to the inclusion of solo performances from Roger and Tormod.
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    They list both Tormod and Paul as having played, but not Roger. Either some poor editorial work or some cutting of corners, I think :wink:
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    Well I was next to the "press chairs" (I know because was trying move seats a bit) and although one of them was filled about halfway through the first half, the second was empty....

    Draw your own conclusions
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    We wanted Roger to play in the concert but he said he was unavailable so I submitted the programme with Paul Kiernan supposed to be playing Bolivar then I had a call saying that Roger was available after all so I let SBBA know but I knew it was probably too late by then for the programme, so I contacted the usual suspects in the Brass Band media to let them know. The funniest thing was, when I submitted the programme we didn't know the solo that Tormod was going to play SBBA were in a rush to get the programmes printed so I put 'Euph solo feat. Tormod Flaten (feat. meaning 'featuring') however it was published in the programme and in the Bandsman as a premiere euph solo caled 'Feat'. I nearly choked when I saw it!!!!!!! :lol: That'll teach me not to abbreviate anything! :oops:
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    The CD was received into stock today and pre-orders are being sent out.
    We intended having this product available in July but we've managed to get it ready a few days early.
    Click here for full details and to order;
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    There's a nice surprise! Just placed my order!
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    Will they be available to buy soon then? :?
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    Am I missing the obvious here? :?
    The stock came in last week, therefore they are available to buy from us now.
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    No, I am! :oops: Maybe I should try reading posts and looking on your website! :oops: :oops: