European Brass Band Championships 2003 on DVD!

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    'World of Brass' announce what is thought to be the world's first brass band DVD.
    Up to now, Highlights of the European Brass Band Championships have only ever been available on CD.
    This year, as well as the double CD, there will be a video and a DVD too.

    The Double CD is available now;

    The video and DVD are due out in September but you can order now from our Mail Order Department on 020 7367 6580.
    Alternatively, click on these links;
    DVD ;
    Video ;
  2. jonford

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    A double DVD?! what will b on it? any extra features? :?:
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    European Brass Band Championships 2003

    Too early to say exactly what will be on the DVD but expect plenty of the Saturday night gala concert. There were stunning performances by Stavanger Brass Band and the tuba soloist Oystein Baadsvik.
  4. dyl

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    Re: European Brass Band Championships 2003

    Too early to place an order for it then! :wink:
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    Re: European Brass Band Championships 2003

    Up to you!
    If you have any suggestions as to what you would like to be on the DVD then please let us know!
  6. dyl

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    Don't get me wrong - I think it's a great idea to have a DVD of the weekend - but I'm not going to place an order for something if I don't know what's to be included on it - I might well purchase it when it comes out if I like the content.

    Isn't it a bit late asking for ideas on what to put on it though? The weekend has passed! Wouldn't it be better off giving us an idea of what's been filmed - and which aspects of that we would like on the DVD?

    Just a thought.

    PS. If only someone did something similar with the Spennymoor contest.
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    European Championships

    We had a team of 4 filming the events so we have plenty of material to work with.
  8. PeterBale

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    I am sure it must be very difficult selecting what to put on a recording of a live event. Sometimes, an item that is well received in the hall does not come over in the same way when presented just as an audio recording. Equally, a performance with a couple of blips, that you gloss over in a live performance, can grate if heard repeatedly on disc, to say nothing of the possible embarassment to any players concerned.

    Personally, I was a little disappointed in the choice of items from the post contest concert last year, which I had pre-ordered, so I shall be reluctant to do so again.
  9. LU-Brasser

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    Re: European Brass Band Championships 2003

    It would be nice, if the EYBB is on the DVD...
  10. On the Horn

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    Nice to know someones thinking ahead of the game!
    At least I get to see what I missed this year in Norway :lol:
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    Re: European Brass Band Championships 2003

    They certainly are!

    Here's the full track list;

    Rousseau (European Youth Brass Band)
    Aubade (Yorkshire Building Society)
    Interview with Torgny Hanson
    Revelation (Buy as you View Cory)
    Interview with Jappie Dijkstra
    Concerto Grosso (Yorkshire Building Society)
    Soloist Prize Award
    Interview with Marcus S.Bach
    Dove Descending (Brass Band Willebroek)
    The Kingdom Triumphant (Brottrum Brass)
    Contest Results
    Interview with David King
    Introduction to Apocalypse by David King
    Apocalypse (Yorkshire Building Society)
    The Carnival of Venice (David Childs)
    Tanga (Martin Winter & Eikanger-Bjorsvik)
    Gabriels Oboe (Oystein Baardsvik & European Youth Brass Band)
    Charivari (Ian Williams & Buy as you View Cory)
    Stardust (Chris Thomas & Buy as you View Cory)
    African Odyssey (Stavanger Brass Band)
    Kongalela (Stavanger Brass Band)
    Prelude from Holberg Suite (Yorkshire Building Society)
    Interview with Oyvind Storheim
    Prelude on Tallis (Buy as you View Cory)
    Fnugg (Oystein Baardsvik & Stavanger Brass Band)
    Le Corsair (Buy as you View Cory)
    Born on the 4th July (Ben Godfrey & Yorkshire Building Society)
    Interview with Helga Haukas
    Florentine March (European Youth Brass Band)
    Reunion & Finale (Yorkshire Building Society)

    The DVD will be released at the British Open on Saturday 13th September at Symphony Hall, Birmingham and will cost £19.95.
    Alternatively, you can order it now from our website by clicking on this link;
  12. LU-Brasser

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    Re: European Brass Band Championships 2003

    Cool, I think i buy it...
  13. onedrummeruk

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    I know its to late for this one, but maybe for next time, maybe extras could include - profiles of the bands on the DVD, actually showing the results read out, (to get the audience reaction) and maybe some interviews, conductors ADJUDICATORS etc.

    By the way having the contest filmed and on DVD is a brilliant idea. Hope more events can be recorded like this.
  14. PeterBale

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    The results anouncement is there, but I don't know yet about any reactions to it - my son is buying it for my birthday when we're at the Open!

    Incidentally, the 4barsrest review may be found at:
  15. dyl

    dyl Active Member

    Picked up my copy in Birmingham on Saturday and I can certainly recommend this as an excellent purchase.

    The range of content is superb - interviews, test-piece performances, concert items - the whole package gives a great account of the weekend in my opinion. Highlights for me are YBS' performance of Concerto Grosso, the euph duet in Cory's Revelation, Martin Winter's Tanga and Oystein Baardsvik's rendition of Gabriel's Oboe. And for something completely different have a look at Stavanger's African Odyssey.

    Well done WorldofBrass - let's hope this is the first of many DVDs - I think it's just what the movement needs.

    Any chance of the same for Spennymoor? :wink:
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    Many thanks for your endorsement of this product.
    Our next DVD will be from the Eric Ball Centenary Concert featuring Black Dyke and ISB. We hope to have this ready in time for Christmas.

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