European BB Championships .... judge for yourself!

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  1. The judges for the forthcoming European Brass Band Championships have been announced as:

    Set test piece - Friday 30 April 4.00pm BST
    Maurice Hamers (NL)
    Torstein Aagaard-Nilsen (N)
    John Wallace (UK)

    Own-choice - Saturday 1 May 12.30pm BST
    Edgar Seipenbusch (A)
    Peter Bassano (UK)
    Jean-Francois Bobillier (CH)

    Why not judge for yourself? Study scores for Friday's set test, Spiriti by Thomas Doss are now available.

    British Bandsman and Yamaha Neo will be streaming the event live from Linz, so why not sign up for coverage now?

    Who will take the title? Watch the action unfold in two weeks from now!