Euro 2007 Test Piece

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    Martin Ellerby has given an insight in to the set test piece for the Europeans later this year.

    HERE is the article (courtesy of 4barsrest) and I think it is a great step in the composer giving his views and instructions (including to the adjudicators) on the piece.

    It sounds a very interesting and, dare I say it, audience friendly piece. We shall see. I'll be there to witness it.

    It's also interesting to note that he has instructed that the timpani should not occupy a 'central' position? I wonder why that is?!
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    - sounds even more fun than Vienna Nights ... very open to interpretation!
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    I am sure that Ellerby will do a sterling job, but are we in danger of running out of original ideas here?
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    I think his "instructions" to both conductors and adjudicators is superb. Here is a composer saying what he would like to hear from performing bands with some pretty clear indications of what he is and what he is not looking for. Can 't ask for more than that