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  1. Hiya guys! wonder who can help me, can anyone suggest some good Euphonium CD's i don't have many and i was just wondering what are your thoughts?

    Many Thanks
  2. jingleram

    jingleram Active Member

    Steven Mead - World of the Euphonium vol.5
    Steven Mead - Euphonium Magic 1 & 2
    Derick Kane - Euphonium Album
    Derick Kane - Lyric album
    Riki McDonnel - From the Heart
    David Childs - Metamorphisis
    David Childs - Hear my Prayer
  3. BrotherBone

    BrotherBone Member

    The Voice Of The Euphonium - Morgan Griffiths

    and ofc - Childs Play - The Childs Brothers.
  4. KMJ Recordings

    KMJ Recordings Supporting Member

    Dave Thornton's new CD is going to be in my next clutch of purchases...
  5. Andy_Euph

    Andy_Euph Active Member

    Nothing really to add, seeing as most euph CD's are by Steve Mead or David Childs, but I agree get anything by Derek Kane, awesome traditional sound and technique. Also Brenden Wheeler is on a few Leyland cd's, worth buying them to listen to him, he's just getting better and better.
  6. wkt

    wkt Member

    I bought David Thornton's new CD, Devil's Duel, last weekend in Cambridge. It is really top class - wonderful music and wonderful playing. I got David Childs' Hear My Prayer, for my recent birthday - really lovely playing of beautiful melodies . I would recommend both. I think they are first class and together cover very different repertoire.
  7. thanks guys! does any1 have glyn williams' CD? he plays and sings etc?
  8. wkt

    wkt Member

    Yes, my daughter has Glyn's CD. It is excellent. Glyn displays top class musicianship and quality sound on a whole range of instruments. It is a very enjoyable CD, well worth having. Super playing and plenty of variety.

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