Euphonium valve tops

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by Jam spoon, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Jam spoon

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    Could anyone help me to find someone or somewhere that supplies Besson Euphonium valve tops?
    We have an instrument in our band that seems to have 'lost' 2?!:confused: Don't ask!

    Many thanks
  2. alanl58

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  3. flugelgal

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    Mouthpiece also sell these. I think they call them "valve buttons" though ("US English" I suppose ;-)).
  4. catto09

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    Valve tops or valve buttons? Two different things. And what model? You could phone band supplies. They might be able to source you some stuff for a good price
  5. Despot

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    Yes, two very different things! Is the the cap that keeps the valve in or the button you press?

    Most places will supply felts, springs etc but for anything a bit more unusual, we go to Windcraft. They have the parts listed online which is very handy!
  6. catto09

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    The valve cap is the bit that you screw on so that the valve doesn't fall out. The valve button is the bit that you push in
  7. Danny

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    Not sure why, but I have a set of gold ones with the black tops. They dont fit my BBb so no good to me.

    PM your address and I will post them to you!

  8. catto09

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    Ah, Besson Prestige valve Buttons?
  9. Jam spoon

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    Thanks very much all - from your replies, I think it's the valve buttons we're after.

    We'll see if Danny's will work and if not, will contact the suppliers suggested.