Euphonium Solos on LP format

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  1. Highams

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    I posted this sometime ago and would just like to refresh the thread.

    Keith Quinn and I have sourced many recordings of euphonium solos on LP or cassette and compiled the list here;

    it makes interesting reading indeed!

    If there is anyone out there with more information or any discs we do not know about, please get in touch.

    It would fascinating maybe to hear from those listed if anyone is around these days.

    Please remember it's LP/Cassette only, not CD.

  2. GJG

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    Hi Charley, here's one for you.

    In the "Euphonium Solos in Band Items" section, there is a listing for Eric Ball's "Festival Music", which doesn't include an LP I have entitled "A Tribute to Eric Ball", recorded by the GUS Band with Keith Wilkinson on the Pye "Top Brass" series, no. TB3021. The date is barely visible, but may be 1980. The Euph players are listed as David Hall & David Jordon (sp?); I would have to assume that Mr. Hall was the soloist, although one can't be certain.

    The record also includes "Resurgam".
  3. DublinBass

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    I remember this thread last time and mentioned

    Paul Droste's Euphonium Favorites
    (as I understand Pat Stuckemeyer is working on transferring to CD for sale)
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    Thanks Gareth.

    Yes I have the LP of Paul Droste, I hope to expand and include maybe a US listing as well sometime.