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    Rightyho I've had the Derick Kane euphonium album for nearly a year now and have thoroughly enjoyed using it and exploring it, so I wondered if anyone out there could recommend any others? I'm looking for a collection of solo's for euphonium with piano preferably.
    Having looked around the web for a bit, I've found a few by the Childs brothers, but does anyone klnow of any others? I've heard rumours that Dave childs has done one, but can't find it anywhere :dunno
    Thanks in anticipation!
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    If you go to you'll see what's available, although they just seem to be individual pieces, rather than an album.
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    Just Brass carries an older album of Army Euph Solos with piano accompiament that I bought a few years back. Some good ones on there including Ransomed, Song of the Brother and Song of Faith. Here's the link and it's just down the page a bit under Euphonium Solo Album
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    Cheers Brad, I've already got that one, looking to find some newer stuff! @Peter: that's probably what I heard about and I assumed that it was a collection. I see that Gramercy have a couple of collections, and Riki McDonnel has one too, anyone got either of these?
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    No problem. I have the one Gramercy Album with Celtic Dream, Rainforest, Doyle's Lament, The Name and one that I can't remember. It's pretty good, all pretty basic slow melody solos, nothing challenging technically at all.
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    All these pieces are from the Prima Vista Musikk catalogue in which David has an interest. I can confirm that they are all individual pieces and are with piano accompaniment.

    World of Brass is now the distributor for Prima Vista Musikk and we are aware that there will be some new titles available in the Autumn.

    The Riki McDonnell Album is called From the Heart and contains 8 solos.
    The Gramercy Solo Album is very popular as is American Soloists Album 8.

    We can also supply any Salvation Army Instrumental Solo Album on request. Send me a PM if you'd like more details although your dad and your teacher will probably have some of them.
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    You should consider the Concert Studies published by Steven Mead (available through his website). They include pieces by Peter Graham, Philip Wilby, James Curnow, Martin Ellerby and many others. They are all for unaccompanied euphonium and of high quality (as you would expect) and great fun to try, even if you fail in the attempt.

    Be warned - some of the Advanced Studies are very challenging indeed!