Euphonium Solo - Beautiful Dreamer

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by jennyt125, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. jennyt125

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    Does anyone on the forum have sight of/access to the brass band and euphonium solo Beautiful Dreamer by Stephen Foster?
    I have heard it on a few band CD's and would love to have a go but would like to try and get hold of just the solo part or know the range before spending £30+ on a full band set.
    Many thanks, Jenny
  2. Gorgie boy

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    I guess there are a number of arrangements of this melody but the one I would recommend is an arrangement by Ray Steadman-Allen originally for trombone but a number of euphonium and baritone players play it too. It is called 'My Story and Song' and is published by SP&S. World of Brass (tMP Member) will keep you right!
  3. Active Member

    Spot on there, Paul, thank you.
    It was published in The Salvation Army Festival Series Journal many years ago but now available as an individual title; My Story and Song.

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