Euphonium Solo - A little prayer

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  1. swisscornet

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    Hi all,

    I am looking for Evelyn Glennies piece 'A little player' as an Euphonium Solo (I have several recordings by David Childs).

    I found an arrangement by Robert Childs at but it seems to be a band arrangement rather than an Euphonium solo (although the solo is also arranged by Robert Childs). Can anyone clarify that? Is it a different arrangement or is the same?

    Thanks for your help.
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  2. mrs universe

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    There's 2 versions. The first was a solo with band accomp and Robert Childs re-arranged it as a band slow melody.
  3. swisscornet

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    Thanks for your reply.

    Do you know where I can get the version as an euphonium solo?
  4. Scongie

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    I thought it was the other way around - band arrangement first solo second. Anyway I don't think the solo version is published and I'm sure this has been discussed before on tMP somewhere but I'm not lever enough to find the thread.........
  5. Andrew Norman

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    I assume you mean "A little Prayer". A quick search on reveals the answer
    "Composer Evelyn Glennie writes? ?When I wrote the chorale for marimba, A Little Prayer, it expressed my spiritual feelings and displayed a pleasantly relaxed dimension of the instrument. Over the years my exposure to brass bands has filled me with wonder; their musical diversity is considerable. From performing a simple melody to the most complex of test-pieces, they bring brilliance to the music. I had no hesitation in giving A Little Prayer to Robert Childs to bring this little melody to life through brass.? A perfect reflective interlude for concert or devotional use by bands of all abilities. This is the only version of this arrangement available for sale to the public."
    This would seem to answer your question...
  6. swisscornet

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    thanks for your replies.

    Andrew: Unfortunately, I think you are right.


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  8. benjaminuk

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    am looking for the same solo, so if anyone finds anything let us know please

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