Euphonium Recital no.33

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  1. Highams

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    Saturday, Februsry 21st. 12 noon admission free.

    St. Mary's Parish Church, Church Street, Slough, Berkshire.

    Charley Brighton (sponsored by Willson Band Instruments of Switzerland)with Malcolm Stowell, piano & organ;
    Programme of Music;

    Russian Dance, Op.32, Oskar Bohme (1870-1938)

    Duet; Simplicity, Terry Treherne (with guest Iain Brunt, Trumpet)

    Premiere; Musing, Joe Miserendino USA

    Variations on The New World Symphony, Antonin Dvorak arranged by James Woodward USA, with organ accompaniment

    Berceuse de Jocelyn, Benjamin Godard (1849-1895)
    adapted from the original version for piano

    Premiere; Maestoso Spiritoso, Terry Treherne
  2. Highams

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    2 premieres kick off the first recital of 2009, our 8th. season at St. Mary's.

    'Maestoso Spiritoso' is a joyous new 10 minute work by Salvation Army composer Terry Treherne, in two contrasting main sections.

    'Musing' by Joe Miserendino (USA) is a shorter 3 min piece that's quite thought provoking in mood. There's a central waltz section with a brief reference to 'As Time Goes By' before the opening mood section returns with a coda.

  3. Highams

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    The Godard (correct spelling) 'Berceuse de Jocelyn' is a beautiful piece and this arrangement is from the composer's piano original, not the trombone solo arr. by Eric Ball (although that's a fine adaptation).

    It's a tone higher and only the chorus repeats, not the verse, (so it does not go back to the begining). There are extended closing bars too.

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    Hi Charlie

    Since moving away we have not been able to get back for the Saturday concerts. They were always most enjoyable. Hopefully we will be back in the area soon visiting relatives and will make sure we call in and listen!

    best of luck

    John (an Old Feather)
  5. Highams

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    Thanks John, look forward to that.

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  7. Highams

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    Recital no. 34, will feature the premiere of a new work by Italian composer Lorenzo Melissano on May 2nd. at St. Mary’s Parish Church, Slough, Berkshire, UK with Malcolm Stowell, Piano.

    ‘Centurion’ is a 3 movement work written for me, following on from the success of ‘Masquerade’ in 2008 by the same composer.

    There will also be the premiere a new duet for Euphonium & Baritone with Sue, ‘The Mill Pond’ by Terry Treherne, composed as an engagement gift to celebrate our wedding in September, later this year.

    For our 8th. season of recitals in Slough, I have unearthed a little known Scherzo for Bassoon by the Russian composer Miroshnikov and will feature an arrangement of the slow movement from the Saint-Seans ‘Sonata for Oboe’.

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