Euphonium Recital no.30 (UK) free

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    Euphonium Recital no.30, Saturday May 17th. 2008

    St. Mary's Parish Church, Church Street, Slough, Berkshire, UK. 12 noon, admission free.

    Charley Brighton (sponsored by Willson Band Instruments of Switzerland)
    With guest Matthew J. Ingram, Euphonium, Croydon Citadel Band.

    With Malcolm Stowell, Piano & Organ. Recitals/?action=view&current=equale8.jpg

    Programme of music;
    Allegro (mov.1) from Concerto for Bassoon, Franz Danzi (1763-1826)

    Premiere; (this version) Twilight Shadows, Steven Barton (USA)
    (duet with guest Matthew Ingram, Euphonium)

    Vortragsstuck in G minor, op.63 no.15, Carl Baerman (1811-1885)
    with organ accompaniment Recitals/?action=view&current=organtrio2.jpg

    Prelude no.2, George Gershwin, (from the clarinet version by Justin Wildridge) played on a 1912 Hawkes Emperor 4v Cavalry Tuba Euphoniums/?action=view&current=cavtuba3.jpg

    Valse Brilliante; Silver Showers, William Rimmer (1862-1936)

    Free parking;

    Recital Facts & Figures;
    Since May, 2001; 29 recitals given, playing 156 pieces of music by 111 different composers from 15 different countries, with 139 on piano, 17 on organ, featuring 10 duets, and 63 premiers on 18 different euphonium models, to a total audience of 1,406 people.
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