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    Brass at St. Mary’s, Church Street, Slough, Berkshire, UK

    Euphonium Recital no.24 'Celebrating 40 years of Euphonium playing!'

    Charley Brighton (Sponsored by Willson Band Instruments of Switzerland) with Malcolm Stowell, piano.

    Saturday, December 9th. 2006, 12 noon admission free.

    Programme of Music;

    Premiere; Pistons, (Introduction & Scherzo for Euphonium & Piano) Andy Meyers (UK)

    Sonata K.303, W.A. Mozart (1756-1791) arranged for Euphonium by Hatsuho M. Kuwayama (Chile)

    Premiere; Rondo Divertimento, Joe Miserendino (USA)

    Mot d’Amour, Op13 no.1, Edward Elgar (1857-1934) arranged by Eric Wilson

    Springtime, Reginald Heath (Serenade & polka).

    Facts & figures; Since May, 2001
    Charley & Malcolm have given 23 recitals, playing 124 pieces of music, by 91 different composers, from 13 different countries, with 109 on piano, 15 on organ, featuring 51 premiers, on 13 different euphonium models, to a total audience of 1,115.

    ***Free parking for the concert here;
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    Making its debut tomorrow in the recital will be this Salvation Army Bandmaster 4v non compensating euphonium;

    which I just got back from the repairers, having a 4th. valve stem replaced and protective fob fitted for it.
    When I got it (dirt cheap) it was black; Euphoniums/?action=view&current=trium2.jpg

    but she now plays very well indeed. It's cicra 1935 and hand built in the St. Albans factory, sold through Judd Street, London.

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