Euphonium Players - Your Opinions Please..

Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by CaharleyFarley, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. Being a cornet player I know little or nothing about techniques that apply specifically to Euphs..

    I was informed recently that Euph players never need to apply Vibrato as the instrument is SO resonant that the instrument basically produces it naturally.

    I really do not want to drag up the rights or wrongs of vib at all - just curious if Euphs in fact do produce their own vib.

    Is this true?
  2. andyp

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    I'm a cornet player too, but my wife is a euph player, and she tells me you use exactly the same technique for vibrato that you do on any other brass instrument, the instrument doesn't do it by itself!
    That said, if you overdo it a euph may make it sound more overdone than, say, a cornet would. Maybe a euph amplifies vibrato more?
  3. DublinBass

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    As far as I know...and I only play euphonium occasionally...euphoniums (nor any other brass instrument) produce their own vibrato. You might be just swept away by the beautiful tone a euphonium produces, but don't confuse that with the actual slight variation up and down in pitch that comes with vibrato.
  4. didjeeman

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    Being a euphonium player, I can tell you that the vibrato is not produced naturally by the instrument. It is the same than any other brass instrument and the technique is the same. So, with a euphonium you can produce straight sounds and sounds with vibrato.
  5. aimee_euph

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    thats total rubbish! hehe if my eupho did vib for me....i'd be a happy girlie!

    but i spose it's just the tone of the euph cause i know sometimes my playing sounds mellow and really warm but others (like when i not practised or warmed up) sounds like *ahem* a baritone and has a more harsh sound to it.

    Suppose it depends on the player.
  6. stephen2001

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    Ditto to the above.
    There may be a slight sensation of vibrato depending on the acoustics of the room, but the instrument does not create the effect its self.
  7. brasscrest

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    The only way to produce vibrato (defined as a periodic variation in the pitch of a tone) is to physically change either the source of the sound (at the mouthpiece) or to vary the length of the vibrating air column that amplifies the sound. Although it would probably be theoretically possible to design a brass instrument that produced its own vibrato, I doubt that there would be any practical way to actually build one.
  8. MattB

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    Euphs by their nature have a very warm sound, but don't let that be confused with vibrato. That comes with the player. It can sound like a buzz saw at times (especially when I'm out of practice!) but you can't knock that sound.

    Best brass instrument going!