Euphonium player looking for a band near Huddersfield to start in September/October

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by millman64, May 12, 2012.

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    Hi there,
    In September/October I will be going to the University of Huddersfield to read Music, and will be receiving lessons from David Thornton. I would like ideally to play second Euphonium for a 1st/Championship band but I'd be willing to play for any good 2nd section band too :)
    I've played Solo Baritone for a 2nd section band, moving on to Second Euph when they were promoted to the 1st section. I also play Second Euph for my local band.

  2. philkershaw

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    Have you considered a part time job as a Musician with the TA, we are located next to the Uni on St Paul's St. We have a Euph player who has just graduated and has decided to join as a Regular Army Musician, so we have a vacancy on Euph. You must be Grade 8 standard.

    If you're interested give me a call.

    Phil Kershaw
    The Band of the Yorkshire Regiment
    TA Centre
    St Paul's St

    01484 425492
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    Hi there
    the yorkshire band of the royal british legion is based in Barnsley and every Monday night, we collect students who come from Huddersfield uni to the band and drop them off again. We have 6 students om your new uni and we are run in a military fashion but without signing up.
    new uniforms are just being issued and there is the opportunity for promotion. Join us in September and your fist gig will be at Doncaster minster and next year sees us take a tour during your summer vacation.
    See us a or call me Louise on 07903 553496


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