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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by simonium, Sep 30, 2015.

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    I have recently been given the loan of a York Preference Euphonium 3067 in lacquer. I didn't like them when they were launched but as it was my job to promote and sell them I did so. I also realise that I am being done a favour here and that, for want of a better phrase, beggars can't be choosers.

    My observations are as follows. Firstly the instrument is practically unplayable as my head rests again the bell due to the angle and length of the leadpipe. It is wrapped so far around the bell that I have to hold the instrument entirely against my chest rather than at the usual 45 degrees. It is also so short I can only see music with my left eye, as the bell flare cuts off visibility of the right! It reminds me of the very cheap student instruments where ergonomics are secondary to cost.

    Then there is the issue of intonation. I have played a great many euphoniums and all have their foibles, as you'd expect. I anticipated sharp top Fs and Gs, stuffy 4th valves notes, flat top Bs, poorly speaking top C# and E but I am staggered by how this particular instrument innovates. If bottom C is in tune, the G above is a quarter of a tone sharp. The G above this is then flat at this tuning. Top Ab is not even close - it must be close to a semi-tone flat. But, top A is wondrous and the C above is blissfully easy, as is pretty much everything up the Ab above top C!

    In defence of the euphonium I am not a very good player (adequate 1st section I suppose) and have changed from a Globe Sovereign euphonium after various 967s, 966s and several Prestiges. I have not changed mouthpiece in yonks, the instrument is cleaned through, undamaged and not leaking so I am slightly perplexed as to how an instrument can be so far outside normal parameters!

    I was just wondering whether anyone else had any experiences like this?
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    Got sorted with one then! :)
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    Very good missus! The intonation I can just about cope with, but the ergonomics....

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