Euphonium Magic, Volume 2

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    12 months after the release of Euphonium Magic, we are happy to tell you that stocks of Euphonium Magic Volume 2 came into stock yesterday.

    Here's what Steven Mead says about it on his website;
    Due to the overwhelming success of the original Euphonium Magic CD, Steve Mead has conjured up a follow-up album that again should have lovers of brass music entranced by the sound of his multi-tracked euphonium.

    Many have asked for the secret ingredients to this tasty yet sonorous musical recipe. Well, it’s very simple; find some great arrangements, an engineer with supreme skill and patience and a player who can play all day for a week with an imagination and no little skill. The striving for perfection is the hallmark of any great artist and to make music breathe, stretch and play in rhythmic perfection with one’s self is indeed a challenge. But the thrill of hearing multi-part music with virtually identical articulation, great tuning and tone colour is shared equally between the creator and his audience.

    In Vol.2 the theme is Music of Life; music drawn from across historic and stylistic barriers that reflect in turn heroic, turbulent, sad and reflective moods, capturing the effervescence of youth and simple folkloristic pleasures. This album takes us immediately from the question posed by Danny Elfman in ‘What’s This?’ to the finale of one the greatest ever symphonic works, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony in an abridged arrangement from star arranger Maurice Bale, with a band of 16 Mead’s (the biggest score on this disc). Several quartets are featured, amongst them two originals, the suite ‘Euphoniums Parfait’ from the Japanese composer/pianist Yasuhide Ito and the charming ‘And Soon It Will be Blossom Time’ by Danish composer/trombonist Morgens Andresen.
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    I know this is wholly unrelated to the Euphonium Magic CD but i wasn't sure where to post this.
    Any idea when the Arban Collection Volume 2 is coming out by Fodens and Russell Gray???? First one was fab. :p

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    Russell Gray is no longer connected with Fodens so, if we decide to do Volume 2, it's likely that different personnel will be involved in some way.
  4. The Cornet King

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    Ah! I thought they were all recorded at the same time and then released separately. :-(
    Thats cleared that up then!

    Thanks very much.
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    Commercial suicide!
  6. Seedhouse

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    Lol! :D

    Have sent a rather large order in the post for you WOB, hope you can get it to me before Xmas otherwise I'll be rather unhappy on Xmas Day!!! :-( :cry:
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    I'm sure we can.
    They've even got me packing some orders for despatch!

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