euphonium injuries?!

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  1. Hi,I have recently noticed my shoulder is making odd crunching noises and clicking,and It generally aches most of the time. I have been referred by the doctor to have physio on it and she has decided that my injury has been sustained through playing my euphonium. I am fairly short so the euphonium is a pretty hefty instrument for me and I struggle a lot when we do marches etc. However I have recently noticed how much my left arm is tensed during band practise and have not noticed it before, i am now being sent for an x ray as it is not resolving through physio, can anyone help,had a similar thing, or know someone who has?thanks!

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    Hi Kim

    Although not caused by a Euph I too have neck, shoulder and back problems aggravated by playing Bb Bass.

    My suggestion would be to go and see an osteopath and see if they can free things up for you.

    It could be that the problem is not caused by the playing, but that the playing aggravates another injury.

    Another thing to try try is something called the Alexander Technique which works on posture.

    Hope it gets sorted out soon!
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    Same here too with years of carrying an Eb bass. Should have seen their faces when I said I wasn't going to do any more marches.
  4. ouch!

    ha yes this is what im worried about!at the moment i dont think anyone realises its quite serious!and when i say that im afraid what might happen!ha!
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    You could get a strap for marching?
  6. hmm

    ye we tried that but cos im so short it doesnt help much and i cant let the strap take the full weight of the instument and play it as it will bang my mouth!plus it will still be putting the wight on my shoulder!cripes!its a hard one!
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    which shoulder is it?
  8. ...

    its basically right across my shoulder neck and other shoulder,but my left shoulder is worse,however dont want the right one to get any worse either!
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    Borrow a Tescos trolly. :)
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    Hi, can't help with the marching side, but if it's giving problems just playing sat down or standing still, visit a web-site under the name "Ergobrass". they make an item that fits to the Euphonium and takes all the weight of the instrument. they do it for any instrument, and i have tried it with both trombone and euphonium and it has allowed me to keep playing. If you do get in touch , make sure you tell them which make and model you play as there are diferent, prestige and wilson need bigger plates than others. try it.....:tup
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    Sounds exactly like what I have/had. The pain would start in a shoulder and migrate across the back to the other shoulder and sometimes into the muscles in the chest. I was told that it looks like the muscle had partially separated from the bone and was inflamed. Got a couple of injections of anti-inflammatory and that took most of the pain away but was advised to stop doing anything that aggravated the injury. That meant no more carrying the tuba on a strap over the shoulder. I also let my wife drive the car more often too :) and on the bright side I needed a lighter laptop too so a new Macbook Air has been ordered :)

    Thankfully most of my pain has now receded so looks like the docs were right about giving it rest to sort it out. Still get the odd twinge but nowhere near as bad as before.
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    I had the same problem a few years ago whilst I was playing Eb bass although the pain was in the right shoulder and arm. Depsite having a cortisone injection into the shoulder (ouch!) and spending a fortune on physio it didn't really improve.

    I then saw a masseur who specialised in sports injuries and deep tissue massage. She removed the "knots" from within the shoulder and neck muscles and stretched the muscle fibres back out. This did the trick almost instantly and have only gone back very occaisionally since.

    I'd definately recommend trying something like that.

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    Very true. I tried that too and was pleased with the result.
  14. ...

    I have had a massuer look at ti and they were the ones that told me to see an osteopath etc but doctor said that they do not refer people to osteopaths and have been reffered to this physio and have had it strapped up a few times and ultrasound on it!Playing in a band in cornwall where there are a lot of carnivals we have to march in also makes this very difficult!
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    How about using a baritone for marching?
  16. ....

    ha this is my plan,only thing is my next march is on sat and its bugle band contest and i dont really want to muck up my lip at all on the day?!Its quite an important march really,I used to be a baritone player and i wouldnt mind playing it for some marches i spose!
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    Kim - Maybe we should suggest to the committee hiring a band masseuse. This is a serious matter! See you in 30 mins at rehearsal :clap:

  18. I used to get back problems playing baritone. But im sure that was down to the way i was sat. I do get a lot of problems with my teeth though, anyone else find this? :confused:
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    I get the same clicking and grinding in my right shoulder but always thought it was caused at work. Better not let my boss see this or he'll be blaming band instead!!
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    Try drinking halves instead!!