Euphonium Gigbags

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  1. euphuff

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    Hi all
    I am going to buy a new euphonium within the next few weeks and I don't want it to get damaged! Does anybody have a recommendation of a decent gigbag?

    (also - sorry if this is in the wrong place! first time posting)
  2. Dayv

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    Doesn't it come with one?
    If it does, buy a cheap camping mat and line it with that, as many layers as you can get in...
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  3. pbirch

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    check your instrument insurance policy, too. It probably won't cover you for damage if it is in a soft gig bag (I know that mine doesn't)
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  4. fsteers

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    My go-to instrument tech refers to gig bags as dent magnets. Maybe that's why the Mucus & Farts ... uh ... Music & Arts ... store (national chain) that is the "preferred vendor" for the school district supplies soft gig bags with ALL their rental instruments (even those that come with perfectly serviceable hard cases), from violins to tubas. (Of course, it's purely coincidental that damage to rental instruments is NOT covered by the rental fee ... NOT!)

    That being said ... I've been using a Soundwear Performer gig bag to schlep my Sterling Virtuoso around since 2009. I will say that it's a fair bit bulkier than the semi-soft case that came with the horn (and most other gig bags I've come across over the years), but, despite enduring its fair share of bumps, thumps, and other assorted knocks over the years, my horn has, 'til now, escaped unscathed.
  5. fsteers

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    Oh ... if you REALLY want to protect your horn but also want the convenience of a gig bag, take a look at the Marcus Bonna case: leather- or nylon-covered fiberglass shell with detachable gig bag straps. (Pricey little buggers they are, though.)
  6. Vegasbound

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    If you must use a gigbag, either Cronkhite or marcus bona.....if you can't afford either of these then use the hard case until you can....never understand why people put a 6K instument in £100 gigbag then moan about the damage!

    ROBTHEDOG Member

    Soundwear are great too.
  8. fsteers

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    8-10 years ago I would have agreed with the Cronkhite recommendation. More recently, I've been put off Cronkhite by the quality control and customer service issues with Cronkhite leather bags.

    Be that as it may, given the recent announcement that Glenn is winding up his business and that orders placed after 23 Sept are unlikely to be filled, it's probably moot at this point.