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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by LittleEuph, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. LittleEuph

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    Does anyone have any experience of using a Tom and Will Euphonium gig bag? If so, are they well padded? Do they give good protection for the instrument?

    Thanks all.
  2. tubadaz

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    Hi Shelley,

    I don't have any experience of the Euphonium bag, but I've been using the Tuba one for about 15 months without too many problems (other than the back pack straps; but I haven't seen a Tuba bag yet that has cured that problem!) :D

    The padding is more than adequate for use when carting the instrument about: in and out of cars, on and off buses when going to band, etc.
    I wouldn't put my Tuba in it when going away with the band on a coach, however! Hard case only for that! I've seen instruments flattened in those circumstances!

    Hope this helps,

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  3. agentorange

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    Been using one for just less than two years now. The only problem I had was a dodgy zip which broke after a few weeks use, but they exchanged the bag free of charge with no issues - the new one's been fine.

    The amount of padding is good, more than adequate for every day use. Mine goes in the boot of the car with no problems but i wouldn't risk it in the boot of a coach.

    There are probably better bags on the market, but for the money (£70ish?) you can't really go wrong. Mines been used and abused regularly and showing no signs of wear.
  4. catto09

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    I have one. It does the job, good protection - I've had it in the back of a squashed inbetween two tubas and came out dent free (wouldn't do it again though).
    However, it's poorly made. The stiching on the straps have come undone, someone I know has a hole in theirs, and someone else now essentially has two gig bags because the foam from the inside came out of it within a week

    When I buy my new euph, it'll be either a reunion blues or a Cronkhite.
  5. We sell loads of Vincent Bach ones - I used their economy bag, when I had a Prestige - and I had no problems at all. Really good value too!
  6. LittleEuph

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    Thanks all for your responses.

    I only plan to give the bag quite light usage- carolling jobs, or when I will have a relatively long walk or journey between my car and the concert or contest- so it sounds like it will be fine. Anything involving the hold of a coach will see it back in its case!

    thanks again