euphonium/ baritone player looking for band Leeds area

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by leedsbandman, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. leedsbandman

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    Hello, I'm living in west Leeds and after a short banding career break am looking for a band to play in within a 20ish mile radius. I have played at a championship level, but would be equally happy playing with a first section band. I am equally happy to play euphonium or baritone, so if there are any vacancies out there, give me a shout. Thanks. :)
  2. huggie

    huggie Member

    Frickley South Elmsall currently have a vacancy fir a euph, give em a try
  3. Toni2

    Toni2 Member

    Or we have a 2nd bari vacancy that you'd be welcome to arrange a try out for? I'll PM you our band managers details.
  4. huggie

    huggie Member

    Oh yeah, forgot about that but then again I have only just joined CMFCBB myself so am not fully aware of the situation. Sorry Toni