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Discussion in 'The Rehearsal Room' started by MattB891, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. MattB891

    MattB891 New Member

    Hello all, I'm hoping that forum members might be able to help me out with some advice. I'm a rather lapsed Euphonium player and am looking to sell a Yamaha YEP 321 S Euph. I've had it for quite a number of years, it's still in it's original case and both case and instrument barely have scratches on them. Despite the lack of attention, its seemingly in good order, probably wants a good clean up and service. but wondering before I pay to have it serviced, whether it's likely to sell and how much it's likely to sell for?

    Any replies to the thread appreciated :)
  2. pbirch

    pbirch Active Member

    There are some players who like the yamaha 321 range of low brass(particularly in the United States), but I fear that in general in this country the 4-in-a-row configuration of valves is quite unpopular. I would think that your best bet might be to get a formal valuation, or find it's trade in value on a new instrument if you are interested in coming back to playing, or as a last resort, to give it a whirl on eBay.
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