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  1. alan-t

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    Hi folks,

    Just wanted to pick your brains really.

    I'm looking into buying a practice mute, possibly for euph and trombone, and was just wondering what you folks would recommend. I've heard some positive reviews about sshhmute (although I know they don't have a euph model out yet, they told me it is still in the planning stage), but was wondering how they compare with other mutes, e.g. Denis Wick, Yamaha Silent Brass, Wallace Collection, etc. and what you prefer/would recommend.

    Thanks for your help,

  2. Vegasbound

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    Depends on what you want/need the mute for?

    the wick is very good for the price

    best brass warm up is just that good for using in a pit or backstage to warmup....not designed for prolonged practice

    silent brass is great but can make your horn front heavy, and the electrics can put people off.

    Wallace is very good and has adjustable resistance

    not tried the SShh

    Maslet practice is also practical and designed for prolonged practice

    just my thoughts.....

    'Try everything and use what works for you' Sam Burtis NY freelance player
  3. alan-t

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    I'm going to university in September, so need something that will allow me to practice in my room without disturbing anyone else.
  4. cockaigne

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    Yamaha Silent Brass is good, if you want to be able to "hear" yourself, but takes some getting used to - also it is very heavy, and throws a trombone off-balance; I found it gave rise to cramp in my left hand after prolonged use. It's also quite an investment.

    The Don Maslet practise mute is excellent; more free-blowing than the Denis Wick and also more compact; it can fit inside the instrument in most gig bags. It does push the instrument about a quarter-tone sharp, but once you've got used to that it's very easy to get on with.
  5. nethers

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    The Shhhh mutes are great, very consistent and free-blowing, will push the entire instruments sharp a bit, but relative tuning stays pretty much perfect.

    Also doesn't alter with register - as good in the pedal range as up in the gods.

    I have a Wick too, but that generally gathers dust now unless I want to do some high-resistance work (and is pretty noisy when you're really pumping too!).
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    Mike Mclean has done a lot of development work and designed some fantastic mutes which will meet all your requirements. I have some trombone prototype mutes and they are second to none.

    Google him or more info or:
  7. euphsrock

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    I use Yamaha Silent Brass for trom and euph, but in hindsight I would probably go for something else next time. I find I rarely use the electronic bit of it and tend to use them just as normal practice mutes. Also, yes, the trombone gets very front heavy.
  8. euphsrock

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    Also, can't remember off the top of my head but there is a relatively new euph mute out that fits into your bell for easy storage/transportation. Might be useful for reducing the amount of stuff you need to carry to uni and back at the end of each term!


    I have used both the ssssh mute and the old Blue wallace mute. Im my humble opinion, the sssh! mute was much better. Having said that, it looks absolutely nothing like the new one, and the old one wasn't a bad mute!