Euph, Tenor/Bass Trom, East Mids/S Yorks, 2nd-4th

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    Stephen Watkins
    Please contact by either dropping me a pm or email/msn
    I play Euphonium, Tenor Trom and Bass Trom (not at the same time though!)
    I'll be comfortable playing in bands between the 2nd and 4th sections
    Preferably at least a weeks notice required unless very local to Worksop
    I currently play Bass Trombone for the Whitwell Brass Band who are a third section band until Jan.
    I'm prepared to travel anywhere withing 30 - 45 minutes from Worksop.
    I drive, so won't require help with transport.
    It depends how far I need to travel, but normally, I won't ask for expenses.