Euph seeking band in London/Surrey

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by bandless, Apr 24, 2007.

  1. bandless

    bandless New Member

    :confused: After six years playing second euph for a first section band in north London I'm looking for a friendly and progressive band closer to my home in Surrey
    Any suggestions?


  2. UFolder

    UFolder New Member

    Hi Bandless

    You could give Friary Guildford a try, we are unfortunately dropping to the first section in January but are looking for a swift return to the Champ sect.

    We have had 3 different second euphs for the last 4 contests so are looking for some consitency, we still have a number of Champ Sect contests this year.

    Have a look at the website or PM me and I'll give you some details.

  3. popmills

    popmills New Member

    You could look at the BA Band who rehearse near Heathrow on a Wednesday. They currently have a vacancy on Euph. They are a friendly non contesting band who have some good engagements.
    Regards Barry
  4. bandless

    bandless New Member

    Thanks Wayne
    I did Folkestone with Friary a few years ago and almost joined - but I didn't get on terribly well with your predecessor.....
    I'm a bit out of shape after a few months off but I would be interested in coming along for a blow - let me know when would be a good time



    PS I should warn you that I don't drive so would need a lift to/from station if anyone heads that way
  5. Andrea

    Andrea Member

    Tilbury are looking for a Euphonium Player from mid May, is Essex too far? We rehearse on Wednesdays 8pm till 10pm in our own Band Hall. We are currently in the Second Section. Email me if your interested

    Flugel Horn and Secretary Tilbury Brass Band
  6. TheMusicMan

    TheMusicMan tMP Founder Staff Member

    <joke> Kevin - will you be wanting to amend your username when you find a band then...? :)

    Good luck with the search by the way.
  7. Accidental

    Accidental Supporting Member

    Hi Kevin,
    we'd love to see you at Friary! I've just sent you a pm with some more info and my contact details.
  8. Friary Admin

    Friary Admin New Member

    Alright Kevin?

    It would be great to get you down to Friary for a rehearsal:clap: . Hope to see ya soon.

  9. bandless

    bandless New Member

    Thanks Matt - I hope to get along to a rehearsal in the next couple of weeks

    See you then