euph player,manc/w.yorks

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    Intrument: Euphonium

    Conductor/Compere: Conductor

    Location/Region: Manchester, West Yorkshire

    Grade: dunno, but have played with 2nd section!

    Name: Matthew Bailey

    Contact Details: 01706 370139

    Instrument(s) played: Euphonium, Baritone, Eb Bass

    Section of Band you are comfortable to deputise for: 3rd or below

    How much notice do you require: a week or two, depending on the job!

    Name of your present Band: Littleborough Public Brass Band

    Position played within present Band: Conductor

    What section is your present Band in: 4th

    Would you require transport: No

    Do you require expenses: Depnds where the job is.

    Any additional comments/Information: Good luck everyone!

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