Euph player looking for band Stoke/ staffordshire region

Discussion in 'Recruitment Corner' started by pjb120, Oct 2, 2006.

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    Hi all, I've recently moved to stoke on trent (postgrad student), and am looking for a band.

    I have previously played solo euphonium at a championship/ first section sort of level, but have been a bit out of the loop (i.e. not played) over recent months (well, the last year or so really), so am pretty rusty.

    I am looking to get back into serious playing again, so if anyone is willing to give me a go in the stoke region, I'd be more than grateful!

    I'm looking for a championship/ 1st section band and would be happy to play either solo or 2nd euph (probably 2nd, as I will sound like a bit of a mess at the moment!)

    In return for your patience (whilst I get back up to scratch), I'm extremely punctual, and will work hard to get back up to scratch!

    I have a mouthpiece, but no instrument, so would have to borrow one!

    I'm available on, or on 07765 205591. I don't go on this forum much, so it might be best if you e-mailed or phoned/ texted me.