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Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by simonium, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. simonium

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    I have a library of music that I have belatedly realised I will never be able to do justice.

    The complete items - Treble Clef part and piano accompaniment include:

    Euphonium Concerto - John Golland
    Euphonium Concerto No 2 - John Golland
    Euphonium Concerto - Philip Sparke
    Euphonium Concerto - Martin Ellerby
    Three Operatic Arias arr Wright
    Variations For Ophecliede - Kummer arr Mead
    Soloist's Companion Vol 1 - Wright & Round
    Soloist's Companion Vol 3 - Wright & Round
    Dublin's Fair City - Roy Newsome
    Euphonium Concerto - Joseph Horovitz
    Concerto For Euphonium - Philip Wilby
    The Thunderer Tuba / Euph Quartet TC parts only - Sousa arr Smalley
    Fantasia For Euphonium - Gordon Jacob
    The Holy Well - Peter Graham
    Introduction & Allegro Spiritoso - Senaille arr Catelinet
    Midnight Euphonium - Goff Richards

    I've also got the Euphonium parts to:

    Variations On A Ninth
    The Torchbearer
    Rococo Variations
    Paganini Variations

    And solo parts only to:

    Panache - Robin Dewhurst
    Rule Britannia - John Hartmann
    Solo de Concurso para Fagot - Miguel Yuste
    Napoli - Bellstedt arr Brand

    All the parts and solos etc are original - no photocopies. £35 all in for the music is all I'm looking for - bear in mind some of the concertos are pretty expensive to buy. Postage would be covered.

    A used but good condition SM3.5 - rim is undamaged but it has the usual scratches on the shank where used.

    The mouthpiece can be had for a tenner.

    If there are any questions please send me a message.

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  2. katieeuph

    katieeuph Member

    Yes please!! Have sent you a PM!
  3. j.e.collins

    j.e.collins New Member

    Hi, has the music been taken. If not I would very much like to purchase it.

    John Collins
  4. simonium

    simonium Member

    Hello John,

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings but Katie just pipped you to the post. Thanks for your enquiry.

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