Euph+horn available for Butlins

Discussion in 'Deputies Available' started by euphmag, Oct 31, 2010.

  1. euphmag

    euphmag New Member

    If any band needs a euph and a horn (either or both), my girlfriend and I would love to do the Butlins contest.
    Champ section.

    Also, I am available as a dep any time, feel free to contact me :)

    Mark Glover
  2. agentorange

    agentorange Member

    You're welcome to play instead of me. I'll gladly listen from the bar :guiness

    Just need to convince my band now.....................:rolleyes:
  3. euphmag

    euphmag New Member

    Hehe, well after seeing the part last night I am thinking maybe just going to drink would be the better option!

    But still, I havent done the contest before and everyone says how good it is.
  4. Di B

    Di B Member

    Depending on who you are registered with normally I would recommend playing with a lower section if you can.

    Reason being is all sections play set piece on saturday. Most then get drunk and have the pleasure of recovering from their hangover while listening to bands doing an entertainment contest.

    Champ section play on saturday, rehearse saturday night then do the entertainment contest sunday. It's might be enjoyable but its hard going on the players. Give me first section at Butlins any day - or alternatively, the bar if you are made of money!
  5. euphmag

    euphmag New Member

    Nah we are registered with champ section bands, but you do have a point I guess :)